How to Paint Your Chevy Symbol Window Tint in a CAN?!? *Spray 1 day ago   05:54

Nima Tech
Go check out the first video I ever made on Youtube. You can see how much I have improved in just one year.
First video -
Thanks again for watching! Comment below if you have any questions!

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Chief Vercingetorix
I don’t understand all the hate in the comments. I think it looks fine. Personally I’d rather just buy some bow ties and install new ones. But to each his own. Yep this guy just spray painted his bow ties on (what looks like) a brand new camaro. What of it? Looks fine to me.
Go online and order new bowties, just about any color you want, for under 20 dollars and quit listening to garbage like this. My bowties are carbon fiber, wont fade or chip away, properly installed and all for under $20. Why tf would anyone butcher their vehicle and waste their time with spray paint is beyond me. Real men do real legit work while boys spray paint their shit lmao. I feel bad for the woman who lets you climb on top of her at night 😂
Joe DeVitto
This is good idea i want to change mine to black the gold looks cheap on a black car .. thanks for sharing ~
White Trash and Hellbound
You got some BALLS spraying a Car that New lol good job though. I'll be honest when I looked up "Paint my Chev Emblem" I didn't expect a Bran New Camaro and a kid with a spray can ;) good job. Easier then I thought it would be.
Real men commit to brush their hair forward to cover their receding hairline at the age of 20 🤣😂
You sound like an idiot
P Money
Lmao “real men commit to it” you have a v6 camaro 😂
t exxtra
OK OK il go ahead
Mariah G
Thanks for posting. I will try this method!
K Dawg
To get it really smooth you could of wet sand it with some very light grit sandpaper
When he has taken off the tape I can till he was super eager
LPS Flower
I have to say beautiful Chevy Camaro I love those
Wade Watkins
Life lessons
jc cloud
i used oven and grill high heat paint. looks just fine
Plasti Dip is like vinyl wrapping; you can take it off and change the color whenever you want.
Hardon Cowboy
This channel has become one of my favorite channels on YouTube. I am a true do-it-yourselfer and I never knew using tape was so easy. I always just used a screwdriver. thnx.
Lucky Tabarez
What paint specifically did you use?
I tried one and it didnt work
So you posted this in 2016, how are the emblems holding up?
Cristian Rodriguez
Can you sand it down then paint or just paint over the brown ?
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Window Tint in a CAN?!? *Spray How to Paint Your Chevy Symbol 1 day ago   12:31

So a while ago I made a video on spray tinting my tailights and I got multiple requests on trying to spray tint windows instead of using tint film. So today we try out window tint in a can or liquid window tint!! Could this be the future of window tinting?!?!

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