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The Tiananmen movement is 30 years in history. Since then, China has taken a successful development path. China chose the right way and avoided turmoil and division. That is the real perception of most Chinese people.

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🔴 Will The Hong Kong Chinese are on guard against the West’s 1 day ago   21:34

Will the social and economic turmoil in China lead to a civil war? Hong Kong-based political analyst TL Tsim has the inside perspective on China to understand the real relationship between the two countries and capital flows for the rest of the world. In this special Le Club B, TL looks ahead to the end of the Sino British Joint Declaration in 2047 and back to the history of Chinese dynasties for clues on the likely power struggles to come. Published on November 4th, 2016 on Real Vision.

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China & The Possibility of Destructive Civil War (w/ TL Tsim) | Real Vision Classics

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