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2015 Chevrolet Spark EV - The first pure EV from GM since the EV1 & predecessor to the 2017 Bolt EV. How does it compare to the pack? Watch to find out ...

Three sections: walk around w/ thoughts, interior POV, & driving/charging impressions.

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DEMAND NEW RANGE TEST -- Call it 50RANGEtest=3h 15m
Full charge, 50 mph, flat and level, no stops and starts, wind less than 5 mph, now what is the time you can drive on this 100% charge down to 10% = 3h 16m (guess). This shows me, in terms I can relate to, just how long can I drive on one full charge. Eq2GAS in MPG just does not make me understand what I got to work with, BUT 3h 15m I can use and deal with. Good test location is on 5, start at bottom of Grape Vine and drive towards SF or use an actual test track. Now once we got this number of hours in mind, we do know it must be lowered by stops and starts and wind and 400lb passenger or load and hills and so on, but still I have much better understanding with 50RT=3:15
jen zydyk
Cost and range is all I need and should be in the title. I don’t want a relationship with you. Edit mfer
I do not find these ugly. They are at least a little more interesting than the Sea of Camry Like Cars out there now. The rear end is it's most flattering exterior area. 0-50 is where this car is VERY quick.
*Range - 82 miles* ?? This is all I want to know.
So No
Hours to recharge? Get real buddy. Not ready for prime time.
Your voice sounds just like rob faretti from superspeeders YouTube channel.
Jeff Maxwell
All the ladies say my car is cute, I'm a guy so I don't really like the "cute" comment, but it's from ugly.
A "Review" should contain information, facts, and performance information... your OPINIONS are not what we come here for. Most people who search out specific model "reviews" are already interested in the car... so your opinions are driving them away. I made it to 28 seconds, stopped, commented, and left.
(and yes, I'm going to be buying one soon)
Project Nightmare
The car had 402 torque in 2014 and 327 in this model, same wheel torque because they changed the gearing. Wheel torque is 1266 lb/ft. It has a power limiter that only sends 50% power below 20 MPH and 75% power until 30 MPH. Then the full 120 kW (161 HP) is on tap. The fastest Chevy Spark EV acceleration is 2.7 seconds to 30 and 7.08 seconds to 60. Even with sliced power, it still fights Traction Control. It is FWD and is tail heavy with thin tires.
Abelardo Conesa
The rear seat do indeed lay flat. Next time you need to unfasten the bottom portion of the rear seats prior to taking the back portions of the rear seats being laid flat.
E Estrada
wow 2 minutes in and I can already tell you haven't been laid in your life. tsk tsk
j borrego
Do u like it more then the fiat , I’m buy a fiat but worry the part will be hard to find when it breaks also spark has fast charge
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Th best spark in da World