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Tim Bliss
Absolutely amazing that it took Earnhardt so many years to finally win a road course race.
Jason .C
Earnhardt won on my birthday before i was born
Maryann Newcomb
This is racing!!! They need to go back to running this configuration of the track
“Best race car driver ever.”
Proceeds to win his first road course in his 16th year. Ok...
I’ll take Gordon any day over Earnhardts dirty driving ass.
Terry K
Who is the guy in the purple shirt in victory lane? I see him ALL Through the victory lanes in the 90s..
Terry K
The old Sears Point layout, wish they'd go back to this.
Wais Kuba
77 and jones, the combo that we see 22 years later lol
Best era of NASCAR.
Dave White
thank you one of the best NASCAR clips on YouTube
Chris Killion
rest in peace grass 1995 to 2016
Guy Snyder IV
It's a shame all the grass has died because of the long drought. Used to look gorgeous there
Jimmy Dean
Mark Martin is so classy.  He didn't Whine or complain.  He is just a class act.  He is a champion in my book.
I remember watching this pass from the bridge overlooking the carousel. One of the best passes I've ever seen. Set him up for 2 laps and then dove to the inside.  
@Greg, they used to race here earlier in the year when it had rained recently.  Now they race in the summer. 
Charlie Doyle
Earnhardt ran the 2001 24 Hours of Daytona with Jr, hoping that he would improve his skills on road courses. Had he survived his crash in the 500 weeks later, I'm sure that NASCAR would have added more road courses to the calendar. His ultimate goal was to eventually run the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Earnhardt Jr, but he only would have done so had he achieved more success on road courses. They were really the only kind of racing he wasn't great at.
Greg Danzer
They had grass here? where did it all go?
Benny Parsons.. this track's got the best food
Muammar Gibran
God, I prefer this version of Sonoma. But it's too hard for stock cars, isn't it?
Diego Ospina
the only win for the Intimidator in a road course.
Dale Earnhardt is my favorite driver, and Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon (the second and third place finishers) are my brothers' favorites. It's interesting how our favorite drivers happened to finish 1-2-3 in this race.
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