'Last Days in the Desert's' Ewan Bishop Barron on “Last Days 4 months ago   07:15

"I don't think there was any element of this script or the making of this film that was in any way disrespectful people of faith" said McGregor when visiting the Sundance Indiegogo Lounge to discuss the new film

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Talon Diwisch
I guess I'll see what I think about it, but a lot of movies have kind of missed the mark when it comes to the Bible lately.
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Bishop Barron on “Last Days 'Last Days in the Desert's' Ewan 4 months ago   07:27

With his latest film “Last Days in the Desert” Rodrigo Garcia has accomplished something truly remarkable. He has taken a portion of the life of the single most compelling person who has ever lived and turned it into a colossally boring movie. Learn more at http://wordonfire.org!