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J. Cole
Part 3 of J. Cole's series; created by Dreamville. The third installment documents the relationship between Ibrahim "IB" Hamad and J. Cole.

The site will feature unique, personally curated content each week leading up to the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album Born Sinner.

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Taylor Letsoaka
I want to like this but I also don't want the number of likes to be 666
Prod By 86
Inspiring bro. On the same grind rn. Ima get there.
ThatBoy TV
Couldn't help notice that IB sounds exactly like Cole talking... Guess it's deeper than the music with these two 💯
Carlos Muller
El Presidente waddup!
Shawn Abid
It's crazy him and Cole even talk exactly the same 😂😂
Omg it's a piano cover of Grammy Family obviously.
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Dreamville is the team
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Where is he from?
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Here, have a glass of water :)
i wish i could find these pianos in each of the videos! i thought they would be on the album but nahh
breezy ho
i swear all the piano in these videos give me chills
These are some dope vignettes about the faith behind the project, gives you so much more appreciation for the product man. Count on Cole to always to speak straight to the soul!
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Cole my nigga
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Wow so inspirational.
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Anythings possible, you gotta dream like you've never seen obstacles!
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Hey Everybody go to my channel and check out my video about J Cole Vs Kanye... Who will have the best album? Thumbs this comment up!

Paul Parker
"If you got an idea it might not be all the way there yet, but that might be the begining of something great" I dig dat!
I love that last quote! "Some people might think it's rediculous, some people think it's bold, some people might love it, to us you're just gonna respect it, eventually you're gonna have to respect it." -Ibrahim Hamad
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J Cole talks Kendrick Lamar, | Ibrahim "IB" Hamad 2 days ago   12:14 Four years after their first interview J Cole and Nick Huff Barili link up for their fourth in-depth interview. In part 2 J Cole talks to Nick about creating music for his sophomore album. "People don't know I really just dropped two albums on you this year. If you combine all Truly Yours 1, 2 and 3 and then with my album and...whatever songs I leaked...and I still have more stashed that we haven't put out." Asked why he begins Born Sinner stating "Its way darker this time" Cole states "There was some real dark shit that I made in the processes. Some of it aint even on it. There was one song...that was mad dark...Almost too dark...But sometimes it was dark, sometimes it was Chris Tucker cause that's just how I was feeling that day. But the point is I was just free. Just free to get shit off my chest. [like] Let Nas Down...or play with flows but really say some shit like Rich Niggaz". "A song like Let Nas Down is like...weight of your chest. Ever told a secret to somebody? [and feel like] I'm glad I told. That's what Born Sinner felt like for me." Cole goes on to describe what it felt like to finish his album. "I'm literally sitting in the studio by myself, I had been in the studio 7 straight days. No shower. No bullshit. Literally straight. I didn't even see the outside until I was done with the album. Everybody was sleeping in the lounge..Its like 6, 7am maybe even 8 am. I'm in the studio listening to the album and I could not believe. Its almost like I'm listening to it like a fan for the first time. As soon as Born Sinner came on, the last song, [I] started crying grateful tears and also unbelievable tears like I really did it. I beat this shit. I beat yall niggaz. I could of been crushed. I could have been broken. I could have lost. The shit I had to go through....Its just the way the game was set up. It wasn't set up for me to survive in my purest state...I'm not supposed to still be here dropping Crooked Smile and having that be a smash."

You will have to watch the video for the the rest of this interview including Cole talking about how the system almost crushed Wale's career, dealing with duality and decoding the line "did a deal with the devil, now I'm pleading with him like give me my soul."

Tune in next week for part 3 of our conversation with J Cole!

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