Tesla Drag Race - Guy's Proud Mechanic 1 day ago   04:53

Guy Martin Proper
Guy Martin investigates autonomous vehicles, attempts to build a robotic Ford Transit, and takes on an artificially intelligent race car. What's fastest, man or machine? In this clip, Guy races Tesla's model S against his custom turbo Volvo. To watch the full show, click here - https://www.channel4.com/programmes/guy-martin-vs-the-robot-car

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Dan 5675
I’ll have the amazon and the cash thanks .
Craig Kaschan
I’d still rather the Volvo
Sherry Kunkle
electricity is made with fossil fuels -- the charging stations use diesel generators ha
VÖX(VÖCKS) VOLVO and KOENIGSEGG, alter schwede!! 🙌
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
every time I walk by a Tesla in a parking lot I hit it
Nigel Cramp
I will take the Volvo any day.
USMC Patriot
Tesla are nice cars and they are fast, my friend has one and while being technically good, they just lack soul! What people under estimate is some of us love driving and the experience of driving. You just don't get that with the Tesla. It is a culmination of the sound, the feel and yes being in control of the machine. I love riding motorcycles for the same reasons, it's the experience of being one with the machine and developing skill to control said machine that makes it a fun experience. The Tesla will have its place sooner or later that's for sure, but for now I'll stick with true machinery!
Fuck Tesla
Duncan taylor
Don't care how fast the electric thing is, that Volvo rocks, everyone needs spitting flames in their life.
Guy's passion for racing is evident in his smile. Its just packed with love for racing and a whole lot of energy. Huge respect for this GUY😎
2040? fuck that shit.....i want to be able to ride my old bikes even in 21 years time....
steven ryan
But it doesn’t sound as good as the Volvo Amazon, or have the character, still looking for a 122s estate with twin strombergs
More Volvo
Can it drive between the lines if the painted line is faded, or disappears? haha
Gerry Freeman
I'll take the Volvo ' wild
The Volvo is awesome, miles better than that piece of shit
wobbly nostrils
Ironically a very quiet sound man. LOL 😂😂😭😂
Mustang Boss
The Tesla is just kak
Electric Classic Cars
Guy - throw that Volvo our way and we'll whack a Tesla motor in it. That'll give that Model S a proper run for its money 😁😎👍
Michael conor
The tesla is great but when I see it go Its disheartening. It's emotionless, cold, a tad boring and a party pooper for a petrol head.
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Proud Mechanic Tesla Drag Race - Guy's 1 day ago   07:32

Hang on as Guy takes you on an adrenaline-fuelled lap of the TT and talks you through what he's thinking at speeds of 200 mph and in the middle of some of the 227 potentially deadly corners