Top 10 Goals of the 2018-19 Regular Season Weird NHL Vol. 25: It's a Celebration! 3 months ago   05:38

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Luke Moyer
how is kane not on here
Ben Scholz 1
Where’s the risto goal
Emma Kehely
1:03 when the team’s too good so the coach says everyone has to get the puck before you can score
Tom Kuhnhackl vs. Canucks
Thehockeyrevolution TM
Crosby's Goal was not worthy of the Number 3 spot
Biscuit Ramirez
Individually the Crosby goal was #1 in my book! Overall best team goal was Tampa's goal with Kucherov scoring! All nice goals though
Douglas Shaw
How was #10 more impressive than #1?
Nathan Lichtmann
Pettersson pass while falling to Boeser against Vegas anyone???
Cooper Murray
Fogele vs the caps should have been on this
Алексей Дмитриев
How could you select that No. 1?? Absolutely inadequate
Why are women speaking in this video? Get out of our game. Go back to your womens game.
i'm surprised this one wasn't included
hey the sharks made it to the top 10 list
Edmund S
Of course McDavid is #1. The NHL is wanting to propel him as the new superstar of the league with Ovechkin and Crosby getting a bit older. They have to push the new generation of players to keep people, particularly kids, interested. That's what I think anyway.
Евгений Ф
NHL as always... no, n1 is not McDavids goal 🥅
Thrilling Productions
Duchennes goal tho
Jake Jessup
McDavid and Crosby so high because of their popularity both of those goals do not deserve to be that high. Barkov, and Hertl’s were just as good in my opinion
So we just not gonna mention Kane's filthy reception and backhand vs calgary? and Duchenes goal should have been top 3, if not #1
Meh on the Pastrnak one. I've seen Kyle Connor pull it off with that same deke multiple times.
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Weird NHL Vol. 25: It's a Celebration! Top 10 Goals of the 2018-19 Regular Season 3 months ago   07:24