Top 10 Goals of the 2018-19 Regular Season Weird NHL Vol. 25: It's a Celebration! 1 week ago   05:38

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keivn craft
Are they doing top hits?
LOL! 'Muricans have no taste. The Tampa Bay goal should be #1 by miles! Nothing else comes close. McDavids goal doesn't even belong in this list.
Barkov's between the legs goal should never have made it Filip Forsberg took one between his legs and a defenders and roofed it
Bookem Danno
The NHL just *HAS* to have a Crosby and McDavid goals on there. Come on now. There are better goals this year by other Pens and Oilers let alone the rest of the NHL. Lame.
Leo Productions
Giroux was No. 1.
Pasternak No. 2.
• MaPa •
Dorian Jones
Barkov or Duclair should be #1
conor wreckoner
Talbot- what a garbage goalie
Christopher S.
Sure we'll show McDavid's between the legs on the Stars. But we won't stop to think that Lindell's between the legs one timer/deflection didn't make the cut?
Chicken Grease
Tampa bay got swept rip most peoples brackets
Zachary Lemmer
McDavid shouldn’t even be top 5 but ya know it’s McJesus and the NHL has a mad crush on him
Moshe Zilberberg
kuhnhakl vs canucks???????????????
The rankings are absolutely embarrasing. How can Backlunds goal be #10 and McDavids simple shot between the legs be #1 ?? NHL...come on, shouldn’t even be in the Top 10
Barkov's goal is the best
I’m surprised that Elias Pettersson didn’t make any of these, he had some pretty saucy goals all year
Rock Hahn
Bruh, Alexander Barkov does more than McDavid and yet he got downgraded because he's not McJesus. (Don't get me wrong, McDavid's goal is amazing, but not obviously not the goal of the season I think we can all agree)
aa. bb.
Where is the goal, where esa lindell tips the puck between his legs against flyers
Ha Goteem
where the hell is foegele and lindell?
Ha Goteem
john forslund is an amazing announcer
Denis Sneijder
McDavid goal is overrated 😩😩😩
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Weird NHL Vol. 25: It's a Celebration! Top 10 Goals of the 2018-19 Regular Season 1 week ago   07:24