Ferrari Dealership asked me to bring Turning the GT350 into a GRIP 2 weeks ago   12:43

Tj Hunt
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA

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Shut up Kid
Lol theres so much things wrong wit ur car
Shut up Kid
Dude its free because there going to mess up ur car so u could pay them when u need it fixed
tyler hodapp
You dont need air bags just hurt you worse
I don’t think I’d buy that harness.. I’d try replacing that sensor first.. if that doesn’t work then yeah maybe I’d buy that harness
william zohlmann
You need a schematic and a book. I would say yes you definitely need to replace hose crash sensors. There a one shot deal. And the power steering issue may just be that sensor should be easy to figure out watching the live current draw and check the wiring for the right amount of resistance. Nice job on the car.
Kylu Kamil
Show must go on . I am so nervous . Me too
Michael Wiles
Replace the SRS module
Chris Robles
Who started watching tj when he was putting bolt on parts on his brz in the garage. Tj has come along way
Andy Koh
Wow just wow!
The satisfaction you guys get by doing all this is phenomenal. It's so personal and special! Just wow!
Justin Thomas
You’re a moron. Get a job.
That Windscreen is buggered .
breadwizzard56 _
This is my dream car
Never heard someone complain about everything so much. And name drop Ferrari and Ferrari appt. We get it, you drive a Pontiac Solstice with a body kit. Naturally they have problems
Y Ur bouncing
Always Question
Lay off the speed spook
Ferrari has too many problems...glad I have a Chrysler.
Brady Leighton
In before 1 mil views
Its sad when people with Ferraris have to pump their own gas.
Ck on line they might have companys that can reset the air bag ecu
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Turning the GT350 into a GRIP Ferrari Dealership asked me to bring 2 weeks ago   12:36

Hyped to finally throw this thing up on the lift and get it better suited for some more track thrashing!
PS: Yes I plan on tracking the GT3RS, but it's way more fun abusing a car I don't really care much about that currently has a plummeting resale value :)