EXCLUSIVE - Catherine Deneuve Is Not In The Mood Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve 4 months ago   02:21

Sunday, May 10, 2015 - Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve is not in the mood to be photographed as she catches a flight out of Los Angeles headed for France on Mother's Day.

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mercy bernal
Some media are no manner how come you video her in airport caching a flight & trying to interview you will delay her flight. And then you will say she is not in the mood.
Deb Collier
Big fan of your, how do you like LA... Get the heck outta her space and have some respect for the lady...
the one filming is a real asshole
Lisa McGovern
Leave her alone FFS
Don’t get the point of these kind of intrusions.
Raúl R. Kirkpatrick
Skope Intercambio
Not cool. You tried to force yourself into someone's private space.
Diego Costa
lol ...nor would you be wearing little or no make up
ad da
Teresa Gib
She is very cool with the papparazzi and even during interviews. I think she is incredibly wise and smart; even when giving interviews in English, she outsmarts American interviewers by giving them nothing while still talking to them. She knows the English language incredibly well and if there is a word she isn't quite sure of she asks firsts, and is very definitive on that as to not give them a mistaken feed bite. I know the gays get pissed at her as they have defined her as a lesbian woman who won't come out and I think they are wrong for doing that and every gay person who calls her a fake can kiss my ass all day long. Not everyone is in the same place and time or position and I like the fact she remains a mystery in her private life. Sometimes sexuality is a private thing and that is okay too. Keep 'em guessing Catherine!
Why can't you just live her alone?! What an idiot you are.
Die Hard
why don't you sucker punch the papz?
jehanne marie
C est qui avec elle ? le coiffeur christophe robin ?
Janett Rivera
Por qué se expone ? Si no quiere prensa que viaje en un vuelo particular ¡ ¡,
Renan Zeyneb
Yorgun birinin üstüne bu kadar gidilmez sanatçınıza saygılı olun lütfen
I agree with Mathieu...,this is a kind of "violence"...a real lack of respect...!
mathieu lol
I don t really like the way you have to film like a spy vip, and especially a woman like C Deneuve, who is delicate and sensitive.
Vip don t enjoy when you do this. .
Try to respect their private and personnal lige, my friend....
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Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve EXCLUSIVE - Catherine Deneuve Is Not In The Mood 4 months ago   02:11

We spotted some celebs attending the Louis Vuitton Fashion show in Paris , among them: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni.
Paris, France on Wednesday March 5, 2014

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