7 Mile Beach hussle/hassle Negril Beach Jamaica Beach 9 months ago   03:43

Gordo Bud
walking the beach in Negril - the hussle/hassle was way beyond anything I ever imagined - very draining to say the least. As soon as one seller lets go from you, another latches right on - this process is repeated the whole time you are walking the beach :s

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Samuel Bosye
$5.00 for that giant bud??
Coach Russ
Did he say $10 bucks for that stick? @2:43.  Seems they know who smokes and who doesn't and you look the type.
Tim H.
You're doing it wrong.
Gordo Bud
advisory of state of emergency declared by the Jamaican Government On Jan 18,2018 - DO NOT GO due to violent crime including murder and large thefts including from your safe on all-inclusive resorts. also sexual assault by resort workers, etc....read it all here:
Gary Leigh
or you could not stop an just dont answer them , its a easy no thank you and walk faster they wont chase you.. puss
Nannette Griffin
Just returned from my 17th visit. Not bothered by hustlers since no is the word and just keep walking. Seems as if Gordo was egging on the conversation for the video. I don't want to buy weed when there, so we just tell them we are popo and they leave us alone.
Charlie Howell
Just say no thanks. And theres no problem. Nicest people i have ever met are in jamaica. Love the place. There just trying to make some money.. if anyone is put off going to jamaica from this video dont be. Great country. Great people. Deffo go out of the resorts and explore local towns ect.. cant wait to go back
Natasha Cummings
Video to wobbley
The hustle has gotten harder since the rise in popularity of the enclosed all inclusive resorts. These have essentially starved the small independent guys out and the vendors, taxis, etc... they do let on premise pay a premium to the resort to be there. The hustle was still there in the 90's when I first started going but it generally wasn't as high pressured from what I experienced in comparison to the last 10 or so years. With more and more large all inclusive resorts popping up and more tourists choosing those over the smaller boutique style hotels, the independent vendors are left with a much smaller customer pool and thus many have extremely high pressure sales techniques. Most are just trying to scrape out a living from the boutique hotel visitors that remain and the a/i visitors who actually get off the resort to walk around a bit. For many a couple of simple sales of ganja, fruit, trinkets, etc... can be the difference of bringing home rent and food money for their family or not so each sale is crucial to them. If you learn how to deal with it then it won't bother you as much but I have had a lot of friends travel with me over the years and some of them just couldn't stand it. When you put things into context it also can change your own outlook on it. I personally have engaged in decent conversations with a couple of vendors throughout the week of my stays, often times without buying a thing from them. Remember many have nothing to do but sell things and shoot the breeze so many are very cool if you're just respectful. Of course there are exceptions but the way you respond can often have a very large effect on how the sales encounters go. If you're not interested then state it firmly and don't give wishy washy answers like maybe later, I'll check you tomorrow, etc... Just say I'm not interested man and keep walking but don't let it scare you. If they have something you want then by all means look at it instead of wasting a taxi ride to the store. It's a barter system but I've found as long as you're knowledgable about the going rates on things like soda, beer, fruit, cigarettes, patties, aloe, etc... then you can negotiate a fair price. They are providing a convenience service at a small mark up from the grocery stores downtown so often times I appreciate their service. I'd also add that if you just get a few miles away in a more rural area this will not be what you encounter at all. In fact most won't even approach you unless you speak to them. The tourist areas are very different from rural Jamaica.
JJ Todd
You shouldn't have got weed off Ninja if you want the best go to Orange Hill and pick it yourself out of the drying sheds
James Ericson
was there in may, some hustlers were friendly as hell and did respect a no thanks, some did not and woudlnt let go of your hand (im from sweden and im very very blonde, idk if that has something to do about it but I think i stand out more than an average american) One even got mad and started calling us things but that was just one guy and I ended up buying from him. When people came to you I had a very hard time not to be polite so I guess I have myself to blame. I was also a little scared walking the streets in daylight idk why. I gotta say it was draining for me but next time ill go with a different mindset.
Gary Edwards
i been jamaica 3 times im white and an englishman and go wiv my wife and last couple of times wiv our mates we stayed in mo bay ocho rios and negril and we get out and about while we there not sayin there isnt crime in jamaica but theres crime evry country in the world including britain but are a lot of these storys by tourists exagerrated in jamaica or wot we have never once felt threatened or over hassled or abused once yeh people try and sell stuff or sell ya weed so what they just tryin to get by day to day its a hard life for most jamaicans but to be honest the people are amongst the friendliest race of people ive ever met and and i will always continue to go there beacause of this wen i can save enough money to go
Tracy Hein
Larry! Larry! Larry!! LOL
Not So Happy Camper
I had the same experience, i will never go back to Jamaica. Unfortunate cause it's beautiful there. They just need to learn to chill out.
jasmine jasmine
LOL that was uncomfortable to watch
Its incredibly annoying. Going back to jamaica next month and wont even go to 7 mile again because of this. Maybe they would be more wealthy if they tried to do their business legitimately instead of harassing you away from the beach. I would have spent 5X the amount if they didnt make me feel taken advantage of the whole time.
R Ca
I have to say that I never had any problems with people asking me to buy their things. I bought some things and said "no thank you" to others. These folks are just trying to make a living and I cannot begrudge them that. I especially loved the fruit lady that sold me the most awesome pineapples everyday, the pattie man, Norman among others. Some of these folks can be a bit over bearing but, I can't say I blame them, it's the way they roll. I'll go back again and again. The Jamaicans selling on the beach are by and large very friendly. Bless up!!
William Wonka
The problem with jamaica is the Jamaicans. Scammers and criminals I wont be back not even a vacation to deal with the savages.
Aeryn L
Thanks for this video. I was considering going here but uh... Yeah i don't wanna be constantly bombarded with merchants.
leah keyworth
It ain't crazy. They are just trying to survive. Lots of poverty in Jamaica. Not as lucky as you Canadians in a country with good prospects and money.
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Negril Beach Jamaica Beach 7 Mile Beach hussle/hassle 9 months ago   15:44

Chugit Beach Party at night. Girls riding horses on the beach get thrown off in the water :) Walking the beach to Margaritaville for dinner and drinks. Breakfast at Firefly Beach Cottages. Negril Beach has super clear water and white sand. I was swimming in 20 feet of water and i could easily see bottom. Lots of beach vendors however.