Their Vocation Story: Fr Siriakus Sister's Vocation Testimonies - Franciscan 9 months ago   05:02

ICYO Mudika Perth
(Interviewed done in Bahasa Indonesia)

Fr Siriakus Ndolu. O.Carm's priesthood journey has reached its sixteenth year. "Romo Siri", that's how he is usually called by the people of the Indonesian Catholic Community in WA, tells us his exciting journey, starting with becoming a seminarian in minor seminary in Flores, entering a major seminary in Malang and later becoming a Carmelite novice and priest.

He also has some advice for young people who are considering priesthood and some messages for the parents.

This interview was produced as part of WAICC's Vocation Enquiry Night, "Consider It!" - Sunday 22 April 2012

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romo yg mengajarkan meditasi kristiani
Iwan Gunawan
it is a good food for though to our young generation, semoga ada yg bisa merasakan panggilan Tuhan untuk menjadi Imam. salut saya karena Romo pakai colar, ga banyak Romo2 yg pakai colar lagi, seolah jadi Romo setengah hati karena menyembunyikan identitas. PF Romo
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Sister's Vocation Testimonies - Franciscan Their Vocation Story: Fr Siriakus 9 months ago   21:27

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