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Dana White Reacts To The Way Greg | 10 Greatest Fighters In Mma History - At Up-Tube.com

Dana White reacts to the way Greg 10 Greatest Fighters in MMA History 1 day ago   10:20

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Pastor Gene Williams
Greg Hardy is on another level right now than "up and coming fighters" but you can't throw him in there to the champ right away yet either. He is considered up and coming but he is not that kind of fighter, he is an animal. I would like to see him and a Lesnar fight, that would be interesting for both fighters.
Viv B
This dude has the Nigerian flag on his belt, says he's Nigerian, calls himself 'the Nigerian nightmare' but yeah of course he's more American than an American dude right?
kenneth mortensen
Hermansson for champ soon
This is all bullshit spin so Dana can get his financial return on investment with Hardy. I give zero shits about his football record, I care more about his domestic abuse record. And he's not very good and is getting top booking, fuck that. That is the worst part, people of real skill work their way up through the ranks, that's the whole point of having that system, it naturally brings out the greats among them. You can't just make someone a great fighter because they're a football star. He's not terrible, but all this fake drama bullshit storytelling can go fuck itself.
Luke Sanchez
The hell Usman talking about Usman don't disrespect America by saying your more American then Colby you should be kicked out of America just for saying g that
I can hardly Stand Greg Hardy.
I’m all for second chances, but it’s ridiculous what we put up with just because of money.
Well, Hardy sure knows how to talk. Said all the right things at the end...now lets step it up and see him fight Walt Harris
Lisette Elise Paris
Mike Perry is charming, funny, and is a real dude. Greg Hardy is unlikable, charmless, and I will never watch him fight. Tito as publicity hound.
Nik Robinson
Colby is such a joke, pls get rid his ass, he belongs in some low level wrestling show somewhere
Wayne Drew
Bring back that POS Jason mayhem miller
1,000,000 Subscribers With No Content
6:29 Miesha Tits
Sin City Slugger
I fuckin love Jim Miller...what a great guy
Jesse Balentine
They’re acting like Greg hardy picked his opponent lol
You guys are such dickheads who do you expect hardy to fight u gotta beat the trash cans first he didn’t deserve a top 15 fight
Isn’t Greg hardy a woman beater? He can die for all I care. Fuck that ugly fucker
Martin Martinez
Greg hardy the wife beater beat a amateur good
Joel Tardieff
So the WW fighters are LW weight?
Joel Tardieff
Why wasn't Rose stripped? Held the division up for over a year.
Berto A
I have proven i belong lmao what fighting a bunch of nobody's give me a break
Trayvon Lebowski
Colby, we all have grandparents that did shit. Grow up. Hahahahaha. He has already beaten you mentally by you reacting. Tongue more assholes you fucking Fugazi. Usman will maul you inside of two rounds. And the second round is cuz he isn't done with embarrassing you yet...... He is going to Black Panther all over your Ray Romano looking ass.
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10 Greatest Fighters in MMA History Dana White reacts to the way Greg 1 day ago   14:55

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