Amir Vahab: Ey Yusof "A RUMI Turkish Cumbus Saz 4 months ago   03:05

Amir Vahab
Amir Vahab: Ey Yusof "RUMI Festival" New York
Vocals, Tanbour & Daf

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Turkish Cumbus Saz Amir Vahab: Ey Yusof "A RUMI 4 months ago   04:14

for Sale: Cumbus (Joom-bush) Saz imported from Turkey.

Condition: 90%+
There's a dent on the bottom that was there when I ordered it. Luckily it makes no difference to the sound.

I want to sell this in order to buy a ukelele to play with instead. If you have a good quality concert, tenor or baritone ukelele, we can exchange.

The Neck is too long for me, so I hardly practice on it.

One set of Spare Strings included, Soft Carry Case included.

Face-to-face in Bangkok, Thailand only please.