ASMR Back Tracing w/ Scratch, [ASMR] 4X TINGLES! Sleep Treatment 5 months ago   43:06

WhispersRed ASMR
An ASMR Back treatment with nail tracing, a back scratch, brushing and oil massage.
Uploaded with love XX Emma XX

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WhispersRed ASMR
Steph's back is BACK! 😏 An ASMR Back treatment with nail tracing, scratching, brushing, cotton bud fingers and oils πŸ’œ With tonnes of love as always. I hope your weekend has been the best it can be 🌟 Sweet dreams XX Emma XX
Le petit monde de Khady !
Jcompre'd pas pk le titre est en francais mais la vidΓ©o en anglais ??
Heather Shank
Ha ur shirt matches the wall I just noticed
one dumb idiot
This is why you should befriend an asmrist
Soooo relaxing! I really can't stand watching high energy channels right after i get off of work or when i first wake up, so this was perfect :D
Chinchila Gacha917
Emma: Hey, yea can you come over for a bit I want you to be in a video
Steph: Yea sure
*Once they get there*
Emma: Great now take off your shirt and go squeeze that pillow and be quiet!
Jeff Jones
The most dislikes of any ASMR video 2.8 thousand.
Planet Bri
Wait... Don’t your arms hurt??😭
Intro: 0:00

Back tracing/scratching: 3:32

Brushes: 17:00

Cotton swabs/buds: 23:00

Oil: 30:00
Jericho Julius Mike Dunn
Her voice & a glass of milk = Heaven..... Well technically sleep, but, you get itπŸ˜‹. Killer Combo Ms. WhispersRed, killer combo.
Alexis Sundberg
She protecc
She attacc
But most importantly...
She scratch ur bacc
Beast Nation
I'm a gamer and I watch this wen I'm stressed πŸ˜‚
Jr Miss
I got her insta @winchsteph
Nawel Alviani
I want to be this girl right now
Alexis Sundberg
I can see her boob
Amour Yoonie
She has a voice of someone headspace would hire-
Emma Leyva
I find the whispering very relaxing also.
Candace o3o
I wish I was her😭
Emma Alderman
Ok so my name is Emma and if your name is Emma or you know and Emma like this comment
Atomical Kitten
Wait um... she aint wearing a bra....

Oh no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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[ASMR] 4X TINGLES! Sleep Treatment ASMR Back Tracing w/ Scratch, 5 months ago   33:31

Testing out a new ASMR setup using 4 microphones for 4 x the tingles in this sleep triggers session! Enjoy ear to ear to ear to ear whispers, hair brushing, tapping, scratching, crinkles, bubble wrap, trigger words, cork, and a lotion massage.

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