The Try Guys Test Texting While Flavored Oxygen Taste Test 5 months ago   13:47

The Try Guys
The Try Guys text & drive incessantly on a closed traffic course to see how looking at your phone and not the road stacks up to drunk, high, and sleepy driving. The final episode in our epic four-part education series exploring driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI

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The Try Guys
Usually we let our videos speak for themselves, but seeing a lot of comments so I want to clear one thing up if you'll spare a moment to read.

Our texting while driving habits were exaggerated for the sake of this video to demonstrate examples of real behaviors out there. I see people texting and driving every. single. day. and we wanted to make a video about the dangers. Using your phone while driving seems to be becoming apart of everyday life, and that is terrifying.

We often lean into elements of our character/personality as a way to represent different types of people. In doing so, we also leaned into the edit to make our real life habits look as dangerous as possible to underscore our message. In hindsight, we now see how poorly we come off, especially me (Zach), and for that we apologize. It's a tricky line to make these videos both fun and serious, and at times we come off as callous and reckless during this one.

My comment about using my phone the next day was not said to be apathetic, but rather to show that cell phone use is an ingrained and habitual behavior for so many people. I got to a red light, took out my phone, and thought "what the hell am I thinking?" I saw in that moment how using my phone isn't even a conscious activity sometimes, and I imagine for many people it's the same. You can know something is bad and still do it, and that scares me the most. It's not just my life on the line out there, and as someone who was in a nearly fatal car accident as a child I know this as well as anyone.

I’ve been guilty of using my phone in my car. I imagine some of you have been too. You tell yourself you can do it safely, but you just can’t. That’s why we made this series - to show people that. I was in charge of this edit and was willing to make myself look bad to prove that point. It seems I should say on the record that the video portrays me as a far more egregious phone user than I really am. I regret how far the video pushes it and am sorry if I disappointed you. I promise our intentions were pure.

So, ultimately I’m glad some of you are mad. I hope what you watched disgusts you and that you and your friends never do it. But for those upset that I haven’t learned my lesson, please know that is not the case.

Thanks for watching this series and apologies for bogging this final episode down with a long-winded message. I hope you can still enjoy and learn from it.

💚 Zach (and the rest of the guys)
Kinda sad how everyone is upset over texting and driving but didn't get as riled up/upset over the drunk/high driving. Like, how can you blow those off just because they're "not as" risky, cause these are all risks that can take lives.
Jillian O'Connor
Keith: "You're wrong you piece of shit!" Like, that actually made me laugh so fucking hard
Ella Mae Neill
Aanya Srivastava
Zachs face when he crashed , and the text message"duck my life" i am dying rn!!!
alyssa cheraso
I knew I could trust Eugene
Hang Geng
Fiona Gollub
Anyone else love Zach?? ❤️❤️
terrica m
this should not be taken lightly. texting while driving means taking your eyes off the road. it can be deadly. it's not a lighthearted matter and people should take this video as a warning.
And that's why Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is a thing
Emmaleigh Wurzdorf
If you can’t keep yourself from texting while driving without thinking about it, then you need to put your phone in the trunk when you get behind the wheel. This is literally life and death, “baby steps” aren’t good enough.
Envoy of Anguish Blade Lord
1] The Try Guys should do some vids with Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas

2]And Eugene has some decent taste in music

3] Is there going to be a Naughty Halloween costumes vid this year ?

4] hopefully all the "sympathy seeking" and "disappointment" comments can be like THOT's and begone for a while. yeesh

5] Advice for students: put your cell in your bags before getting in the car

6] like Eugene and his fine no caring, emotionless self.
now make him share his emotions in a hugtastic wholesome challenge ;)
Kawaiibunny 101
One time my mom was driving me and my sister to school. We stopped because a someone was walking across the street. We was about to go again but someone hit us. It was a huge dent in the back. And after the police found out they were texting. And we almost died, so this video crashed into my heart..... pun intended
I wish you guys did drive while eating
I’m glad I never text while driving
Oreo the dog
Texting while driving is against the law in Utah
In the UK it's illegal so it was so weird seeing people driving on there phones so casually .I just thought it was illegal to drive and be on the phone in the USA as well
mr foxy
Who the fuck looks at porn when driveing
Bailey Godwin
There are so many times I've been driving and trying to change lanes and had to swerve back into my lane because someone who was texting and driving was about to hit my car to try to get into the lane I was trying to get into. Also thankful that all of the times I've had to swerve back into my lane a car hadn't already taken my place.
Sanjana S
Do they use just one same result for sober driving every time lol?
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Flavored Oxygen Taste Test The Try Guys Test Texting While 5 months ago   14:40

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