The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca Marlon Brando Interview with 4 weeks ago   1:21:47

Stefan Mocanu
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Fer Abra
The perfect storm made movie, and against all odds.
Rusty S
I use to really enjoy watching Robert De Niro, but after hearing him bash, insult and just all the horrible things he said about trump I no longer care, respect or want to watch him again.
so funny when de Niro asks Caan to keep the mic close to him... it almost sounds like de Niro is on character
Kamal Kant Singh
see the beauty of Deniro its 47.48 i m watching de niro still listening
George Lincoln Rockwell Archive
Ah, the cliche of the self obsessed moderator.
yagui popular
The Q&A is a car crash.
Eduardo Espitia
They all were, once, actors. After The Godfather they are stars. But, beautifuly, it's because of them why The Godfather shines forever. I love everything about it, since I read the book first time.
Twyin Lannister
50 seconds in and i hate the moderator. Talia shire?! Talia shire?! Stfu she's coming.
Godfather..mother of all gangster movie. Al time faverat movie
Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers
Coppola wines are excellent and are some of Napa Valley's finest. His winery in Gyserville has a pool with plenty of bikini party girls .
James Morrison
Hollywood has Never had a clue of what a good movie is, how many great films NEVER happened ? the greatest movies of all time almost never happen ALL of them , Gone with the Wind,Star Wars, Dr Zhivago the list goes on , the studios fought tooth and nail for these basically not to happen , budgets and concepts.
Alfred Hitchcock after North by Northwest a huge hit $$$ couldn't get money for Psycho so he mortgaged his house to finance the film , well the studio was furious when he walked away with ALL the money and rights to the film, in the end they could only distribute the film.
The hundreds of crap sitcoms and movies they put out every decade, that waist 100s of millions
Johnny Soul
I saw this movie when it came out in 72 with my parents, and again with some friends a few months later! Then, when Godfather 2 came out, I saw that with my parents, and a few months later, I saw that movie again with some friends! Those were two great films!
Kaveh Zarrabi
One more thing, This asshole doesn't ask anybody anything and he took is only talk to Francis whole the the time. He is by far the worst moderator I've ever seen in my life. He talk and talks and talks and fuck stories of others.
Kaveh Zarrabi
The moderator is talking fucking too much. He speaks for everybody and tell the stories himself. What the hell is he doing man?
Mike Johnson
Hey! How bout this? Fuck Diniro! Bahahaha.
joseph osvath
what Deniro doing there, asshole , just showing up where he does not belong
The moderator and Francis did a horrible job at dividing the time with each guest. Such a disappointment.
I miss Marlon Brando💔
Richard Evans
Risk, of course. Art is life. Liufe is risk. I'd green light Coppola at any intersection. The man has courage and talent beyond the imagination of the bean counters of this and any other era.
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Marlon Brando Interview with The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca 4 weeks ago   37:31

Connie Chung interviewed Brando in September 1989 and aired it on her show "Saturday Night with Connie Chung" on October 7. Five months later, on March 24, 1990, she presented an expanded version of the interview, shared here in full.

Preceding the interview is a clip from Chris Elliott on "Later with Bob Costas, December 23, 1991.

Dave's reaction to Marlon's impression here:
Full Costas interview here:
Full Chris as Marlon Brando here: