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Stefan Mocanu
Enjoy !

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Martin Kelly
A rumoured script for The Godfather 4 lies somewhere ??
S Sartré
I can't believe how disorganized this event was. All the effort to put all those guys together and have such an improvised show is really sad. They should have had a screen to play the scenes they were referring to (to begin with). To have considered some question from the audience in advance and to have a microphone for that matter and so on.
SRV. 123
The people love these panels but I'm sure the participants are sick of saying the old lines and stories. They must have done this a hundred times for different audiences including corporate gigs.
Jeffrey Bank
Pancino really opened up about his experience. He seemed quite animated. I have never seen him so expressive about his Godfather experience. He seems very sharp, and his memory seems great. So good to hear and see.
Was Marlon Brando Italian?
Michael Muldowney
Never knew that Marlon Brando was offered THE CONVERSATION - would have been a very different movie.
Only at Tribeca!! I am eccentric so I love Kay.
Colin Re
What a waste of these great actors and directors time......Very Amateurish production.
The actors were not given the respect they deserved by not allowing them to talk about so many of their wonderful experiences during both movies. The moderator was a complete scene hog that failed miserably
XXX Long Live Legend
Al Pacino , Robert Duval, James Caan are the best men in the Godfather😍
Roy Merritt
Duvall's reference to Horton Foote was because he was the screenwriter of the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" based on the famous book written by Harper Lee and in which Robert Duvall played Bo Radley the mentally challenged hero who at the end of the story saves Jem and Scout's life.
Roy Merritt
Lucy Mancini in the book was the woman Sonny had sex with the at the wedding and Sonny was supposed to be so well endowed she was the only woman who could accommodate him. In the book she becomes nurse and winds up in Vegas and gets involved with a doctor and the third of the book Coppola talks about as a pot boiler is the part concerning her.
Gonzalo Bernal
Mr. Bobby De Niro, I think it's time for your presence to be felt at the Academy. New leadership is due, I won't call it a comeback oh, you've been here for years.
Gary Lee
Shut the moderator up!!!
Yasmine Nazarine
He talk talk talk i don't see other actor's face clearly not worth it talk talk talk
Travis Nelson
Moderator needs to speak about half the amount of the words he's using. Blah blah blah blah
They talk about John Cazale only a few sentences and then never came back to him. That was very sad.
Aleksandar Djordjevic
The Godfather doesn't wear damn snickers! -If you can draw some parallels. :D
Usmaan Shazada
Can’t wait for 2019’s The Irishman which includes De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci
Too bad the geniuses who staged this monumental reunion could not come up with the idea of body mics.
Gunnar Johnson
Mr. Hackford, you completely ruined this special event. You should never be allowed to do anything like this again. Quit cutting everyone off..
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Visit the Godfather House The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca 1 day ago   05:56

The Godfather filming location: the Corleone mansion.
110 Longfellow Road, Emerson Hill, Staten Island