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The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca | Marlon Brando On Rejecting His Oscar - At Up-Tube.com

The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca Marlon Brando on Rejecting His Oscar 2 months ago   1:21:47

Stefan Mocanu
Enjoy !

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Had Enough
DeNiro auditioning for Sonny wasn't very good IMO. Caan ruled that part. I wonder if Coppolla wanted to say "Jimmy can you get your hand off of me?"
Man, I thought Duvall was old back in 91 with days of thunder.... almost thirty years later
Chris Irvin
The moderator was a dick....lame
Luke Vaughan
Listen to FFC say "New England WASP" !
Plumber Phil
A little more thought regarding the structure of this production would have gone a long way. What a debacle at the end without an audience Mic and facilitator.
My best movie ever.
Very chatty, let them speak man...
Tito Brozzi
For Al Pacino the negativity from the people who did not like him worked on his benefit . In the movie , Michael Corleone was not taken seriously until he prove everyone wrong , he shot the sheriff .
hey there's punchy De Niro who thinks that because he's a celebrity, what he feels matter . . . .
Eddie Daniels
Going make the moderator an offer he can't refuse!
Shreyas Konaje
In this whole discussion. Robert de Niro had to wait for the longest time for his turn to speak. I thought he'd start with his iconic line 'you talking to me ?'
McGannahan Skyjellyfetti
Was I the only one who was thinking Al Pacino was going to come out there wearing his Dunkin Donuts coat dancing and singing his Dunkacino song? 🤔
McGannahan Skyjellyfetti
I can't wait for Godfather Part 4...
John Villanueva
I would have enhoyed this a lot if it werent for the moderator...had to quit on the 24th minute.
3oss Omok
all i know is barzini never had the makings of a varsity athlete
Al Picard
Moderator has to learn to clamit! Brutal.
Where’s the bullshitter Gianni Russo? If you listen to him, he was instrumental in having the movie made. What a poseur.
Godfather III was my favorite. Come at me.
El Rey Es Jalisciense
I hate that De Niro didn’t talk much in this
Lisa S From Ohio
Who picked the moderator? He ruined it. Part of being a good interviewer is knowing when to shut up. What made him think anyone was interested in what he had to say. Awful. SHUT UP!!!
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Marlon Brando on Rejecting His Oscar The Godfather Reunion Cast Tribeca 2 months ago   07:55

Marlon talks more about his decision to reject the Oscar for his performance in The Godfather.

Date aired - 12th June 1973 - Marlon Brando

#MarlonBrando #AcademyAwards #Oscars

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