Goo Goo Gaga Pretend Play with Don't Choose the Wong Door 1 week ago   04:57

Goo Goo Colors
Goo Goo Gaga has a pretend play carwash and he invited his friends to wash their cars! Oh no the cars lost their color! Goo Goo Gaga ask for help from his Goo Goo Colors and he fixed the cars! Learn the colors, green, red, blue, purple, and yellow!
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Goo Goo Colors
Howard Heng
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Charlotte Lewis
Hi goo goo baby and zzkid and goo goo mom and goo goo dad
Aura Fathya
Hello 😍💖💞
Lisa Lolin
Cool video
Josue Guzman
I love Your videos so much and Your so cool too
Daniya K
My baby brother watching this
Ronnie K
amazing video my brother loves all of you
Jeziah Pesamino
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Don't Choose the Wong Door Goo Goo Gaga Pretend Play with 1 week ago   07:47

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