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Yc's Director Of Events Domonique | Marques Brownlee On Building An Audience - At Up-Tube.com

YC's Director of Events Domonique Marques Brownlee on Building an Audience 2 months ago   21:23

Y Combinator
Domonique Fines is the Director of Events at YC.


Cadran Cowansage is the cofounder and CEO of Elpha. Elpha is a private online community for women in tech.




00:05 - Dom’s intro

00:25 - How Dom started in events and her background

2:00 - Deciding to not go to law school

3:30 - Choosing to work on tech events

5:35 - Outreach to underrepresented founders

8:50 - Common misconceptions about getting into tech

10:10 - University outreach

11:20 - Identifying problems to fix and not being blocked

14:10 - Reflecting on accomplishments

15:05 - Dom’s career plans

16:40 - Will Dom do a startup?

17:10 - Avoiding burnout

20:20 - The importance of just getting started

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Ricardo Alexis
Great interview. Seems like many event planners started off with their Fraternity or Sorority
Soham Bhatia
510 represent
Mario Johnson
Way to drop that line fellow Greek, I’m a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Black Greeks forever!!
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Marques Brownlee on Building an Audience YC's Director of Events Domonique 2 months ago   52:07

Marques Brownlee is a YouTuber. He has over 8 million subscribers to his channel MKBHD where he reviews electronics, drives electric vehicles, and interviews people such as Kobe Bryant and Bill Gates.


The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.




00:00 - What does Marques attribute his channel's success to?

2:15 - The early days

4:45 - How does he go about evaluating a product?

7:05 - Features that Marques thought were great that didn't catch on

8:15 - Peak smartphone?

10:05 - Folding phones and new trends

11:00 - Tesla and the EV market

15:20 - Getting older and staying relevant

16:40 - New kinds of videos and podcasting

22:00 - Does Marques feel limited by gear?

25:45 - Storytelling techniques

27:50 - Tech vs Marques as the star of the show

29:30 - Marco Castro asks - What advice do you have for new creators on YouTube?

30:30 - When did Marques find his voice as a creator?

33:30 - Overcoming perfectionism

34:30 - Gut instinct vs data

37:00 - YouTube comments

39:05 - Austin Ryder asks - In the early years of his channel, Marques took a several month hiatus from YouTube, but then came back with a new video format and seemingly renewed drive. What happened during those months off that led to the channel becoming what it is today?

40:15 - Winston asks - What’s your daily schedule?

42:40 - Ultimate frisbee injuries

43:00 - Amad Khan asks - Are there any problems that you see or face that you really wish engineers/developers would solve?

44:25 - Christian Giordano asks - Any tips on how to engage/work with influencers when you are a very early stage startup with little or no money?

46:15 - The future of creators supporting themselves financially

49:05 - His biggest challenge as a creator

50:05 - Long-term goals