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The Mcgee Roadster: Hot Rod Legend | Historic | - At Up-Tube.com

The McGee Roadster: Hot Rod Legend | Historic 1 day ago   21:02

The 1932 Ford roadster is widely considered to be the quintessential hot rod platform. Of the many ’32s turned out over the years, none is as important as the McGee Roadster, the trendsetting car that set the bar for hot rod style in period and remains an icon to this day. This documentary, produced by the Historic Vehicle Association, celebrates the McGee Roadster’s inclusion in the National Historic Vehicle Register and chronicles the rise of hot rodding culture in America. Featuring interviews with industry pioneers like Ed Iskendarian as well as rare period footage, this short film captures the magic of a truly special car from a bygone era.

On April 12, 2017, the McGee Roadster became part of the National Historic Register and the U.S. Department of the Interior Historic American Engineering Record. Under this program, the story and images of the McGee Roadster will become part of the permanent archives of the Library of Congress.

For more information on the McGee Roadster and the National Historic Vehicle Register, please visit www.historicvehicle.org.

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Director: Conor Kelley
Executive Producer: Mark Gessler
Producer: Casey Maxon
Associate Producer: Diane Parker
Editor: Conor Kelley
Director of Photography: Clay Hearth, Mike Gallagher
Original songs by: Alex Weinstein
Post Production Sound: Ben Wong

Photos and Archival Footage Courtesy of:
Dick Scritchfield
Hot Rod Magazine
Pat Ganahl
Greg Sharp
Don Montgomery
Mat McGee
Mo McGee
Dave Welles
AACA Library & Research Center
Bruce Meyer
Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance Archive

Special Thanks:
Bruce Meyer
Petersen Automotive Museum
Hot Rod Magazine
The Enthusiast Network
Pat Ganahl
Ed Iskenderian
Greg Sharp
Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum
Don Montgomery
Mat McGee
Mo McGee
Ken Gross
AACA Library & Research Center
The Rodder's Journal
Jimmy Welles
Tommy Lorbeer

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Comments 113 Comments

now these are my kind of cars
dennis culpepper
That was just awesome to see that 1932 roadster and to hear the story as well so thanks for sharing with all of us.
courtney hall
the great day's of offenhausener,iskaderian ,stromberg 97's and 3 duce carbs.
courtney hall
ISKY rules, ah the golden years. i love these videos because i was there.
Grizzly Bear
I like the 1932 roadster but I would put fenders on it
Capt. Desmo
I’m ready to build a rod....
Gear-Head for life!!!
Brook Ferrington
Great story say no more !
Racer 67
Them federal mogel heads beutiful!
Reinier Rooi
Never knew, Iskenderian is a living person !....in the late sixties, and early 70's, hotrods were scarce here, but everyone who could, put an ,aiskiderian' cam, into their cars. Was the ONLY good cam ! Very glad to ,meet' mister Ed and friends, and thankyou, for the GOOD work, that you have done !....you golden oldies !
Jay H
Great video! Hotrodding is in my blood. Glad to get inspiration again.
Jeff Bartolini
I was born in '53 in the Bay Area. As a kid i loved hot rods and built plenty of models,orange crate,etc. Back then, hot rod owners did most of their own work, unlike the majority of today's wealthy owners.I miss the sincerity of those times.
Don Warner
How does this only have 100k views in 2019?
marc layne
19 thumbs down, are soy boys....
Classic Mopar's by Ev the Dodge Man
McGee family knows how to build them Hot Rods
Brad Ledbetter
I'm jealous that I wasn't around back in those days. Love seeing who and what started the movement of the whole car culture.. That's when men where men!!!
Rob Grant
If that car could talk just imagine the stories it could tell.
John Mellardo
Excellent video. Hotrods forever!
George Stemple
Just as American as apple pie
Brent Little
God danm that was cool. Put a lump in your throat.
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The McGee Roadster: Hot Rod Legend | Historic 1 day ago   12:58

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