JCARWIL PAPERCRAFT 1981 Pontiac 5 months ago   06:09

Jcarwil Papercraft
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SONG: Jamie Lewis & Nick Morris - Cookys

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ziggy stardust
Miniature cars on a budget
Jayge Against The Machine
The Manana.
Jayge Against The Machine
Reminds me of Vice City.
Jayge Against The Machine
Ridiculous. I love it.
Patrick Mittel
OWO it's a pontiac
Akash Prabhan
Looks like its sweet's car in GTA SA🙌
Manju Kumar
Frist class car
gadget tv cars
Nice i love👌
Peace ✌️
Aneela Balsavr
Mr . Punjab ART

Tarzen car making
Awesome work by the way.
Do you make custom templates like if I wanted my car to be turned into a template?
bohemio musik
Wow 😮😮😮😮😮😮👍
Zoes Dada
I dont see the point here
Felipe Laverde
Has un Renault 12
This looks like the faction from gta
Jim Cyr
Im in bit id prefer a buick regal !!
Paper 📄 why not metal
Olerius 123
I have the paper craft but it's a car that has multiple peices that I have to glue saprate it's not one whole car like the others I have to do that it's not a one big car but still I like it
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JCARWIL PAPERCRAFT 1981 Pontiac 5 months ago   10:33