If SALTY DUDE Conor McGregor UFC 245 Press Conference: Colby Covington 1 day ago   10:25

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Matt Serra on Darren Till.
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Darren Till on Adesanya,
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Gastelum wants a quick return,

Kenflo on Diaz vs Masvidal,
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Kevin lee wants to shock everyone,
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Ray Longo on UFC 244,
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Adesanya on Costa,
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Masvidal on Conor McGregor,
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And Much More in this MMA News Video,
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margot cappello
Even when " The Notorious One " isn't even talking about anything or anyone he's still getting mentioned by anyone and everyone. When thinking about Jorge Masvidal, I don't think he's won any meaningful belts or fought anyone in his own weight class that are currently at the top end of the division. So although I think he's a class act, but beat up a few top guys n put a run together like 5 to 10 wins then start calling out guys that have actually won something in the U.F.C.. I HAVE ALL THE RESPECT INTHE WORLD FOR JORGE, BUT DO SOMETHING LIKE " TONY FERGUSON ", STEPHEN ' WONDERBOY ' THOMPSON OR A GOOD FIGHT FOR YOU WOULD BE MAYBE " TYRON WOODLEY ", Anyway I wish you all the luck and success in whatever way you go, as at the end of the day you've been fighting in the U.F.C. for ever and deserve a reward for that alone!!!
W.C. in K.P.
- 1968 -
margot cappello
I don't usually agree with anything Matt Serra say, but I 100% agree with his call on what Darren Till said. Good for you Matt in changing my way of thinking on my outlook of U.F.C in general!!!
W.C. in K.P.
-1968 -
Geno Batchelor
Masvidal gonna get that ass whoooped. Pobrecito!
Joseph Diaz
Hey Masvidal kabibi will kick your ads don’t know why you acting all badass now ....
Don’t turn into a loud asshole like a good portion of all the cock sniffers ..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fight Kabibi let’s all see that one ☝️
Bam Bam9
on the boxing end i think conors a better match up for jorge & could really give him that wrk js
Ante Antić
Masvidal make Darren Till humble
Kevin lee is his own biggest enemy. He could be the lightweight champion in the future if he just stays humble. But he got one win and hes already going back to being cocky
Connor has a chance against masvidal only if he fights him at 145😂
George Edwards
Kevin lee is still whack.
Chris R
Masvidal is so corny.
That little kid at 6:44 should feel proud of himself. He scared The Rock lmao
kaden atyim
Ppl saying jorge beat Diaz it's like saying "I had you for half of the marathon!" Still got another half to go lol .
Cardio freaks Nick Diaz Army
Lerub Skars
He's not a born fighter he was made smh us street fighters don't get scared if fighting period. Maybe I'm crazy
Ali Desch
God forbid Till every sustains an injury in the future.... Everyone's gonna doubt him.
bobby harvill
Jorge,you better make your words sweet. I've never seen anyone yet,that lasts too long at the top.
biscuit and gravy
Pudu Patel
MMA World Snowflakes deleting my comment because I offended one of their favourite fighters. Lol.
He said ,” I mean the fries already come pretty seasoned” 😂🤣
Leaders Of The Old School
Connor def not fucking with masdival
Moto Moto
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UFC 245 Press Conference: Colby Covington If SALTY DUDE Conor McGregor 1 day ago   19:34


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