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Georgia Tech
It's been three years since mechanical engineering student Nick Selby gave a welcome speech that has since been heard around the world, and in that time Nick has made the most of every minute at Georgia Tech. He has traveled to Antarctica, served as a teacher in the classroom, and even launched his own company.

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But did he build the iron man suit?
Andrew Hoyt
This guy was the reason how I heard about Georgia Tech and decided to apply. Now I'm a CS student and am glad with my decision
Dong Hyun Lee
@Nick Selby. What happened to your dream of making an iron man suit?
alyssa pierce
is his company called STARK Enterprises?
Bruce Warnock
Best decision I ever made. Class of 1958.
Buchanan Games
i'm here because i always wanted to know what happened to him
i always think back to his speech
and i also realised he would have graduated by now ☺️
Jimmy Kaiser
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