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Us Fails To Get International Support For Iran | 🇮🇷 Iran Nuclear Deal: - At Up-Tube.com

US fails to get international support for Iran 🇮🇷 Iran nuclear deal: 1 day ago   06:36

DW News
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on a mission to rally support for Washington's Iran policy. So far his mission hasn't gone quite the way he'd like. Though Pompeo has been on the road for the past week, neither the EU nor Russia is backing the US strategy towards Iran.
Meanwhile, Pompeo has been reassuring Russia and the EU that Washington is not heading towards conflict with Iran. Pompeo's comments came during his first official visit to Russia, a key backer of Tehran. Iran has blamed the current crisis in the Gulf region on Washington's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.
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Comments 2898 Comments

Agnel Correia
Its not Afghnistan..its iran be careful
Mohd. Sobhan
U.S. administration should mobilize resource for the welfare of their own people instead of spending trillions of dollars to destroy other countries and killing innocent people. It's shame the biggest power in the world acting as a puppet of Israel and damaging own national image.
umar kagingo
I wonder how american do smart things and foolish things at the same time. Is it true that scientists in there are not real americans too? That Otherwise there is a whole lot of dense historians proud of their bloody history only and not anything else.
Lord Nerdecon
Iran has twice the population of Iraq. The terrain of Afghanistan. And the nationalism of Russians.
To invade Iran would be a suicide mission.
David Mayer de Rothschild
You need to get rid of John Bolton the war monger the lawyer who’s talking into trumps hear about war he does not live in the United States John Bolton he could care less of United States and wiped off the map
David Mayer de Rothschild
This may come to a surprise to America but your bullying days are over. America stands alone against Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.if you were to get into war tomorrow, you have no allies except for Israel the European allies are staying neutral this is what Pompeii Went to Europe for no deal America I think your days are numbered
Don DoDat
Trump shouldn’t worry so much about the performance of the stock Mkt , stories like this are bad enough to lose some of his voters. Does he have anyone advising him the right way ?
Jiton Swargiary
If Iran success in newclear weapons, the world will coming soon end, Acording to Bible prophechy, Iran will first attack in Israil, and after USA, and all country are becoming agains with Israil and USA, it is really, I am from India, and above mention is my predection
15 seconds of truth
We just need to hit the main jerkwads at the top then help Iran with cash and let the people vote in who ever they want. It needs to be done, no need for a war
Shyan Jam
If Europeans are happy with the Islamic rule and Mullah, and they love them, they must bring Mullah and the Islamic regime to Europe and give them power in Europe.
Shyan Jam
Without the help and support of the Western countries, the Islamic regime could not have captured or killed Iranians for 40 years.
Ading Alug
To justify us-led war with iran needs another show as 9/11.
So be careful there in America and Europe. Sooner or later, this type of strategy will take effect anytime. God forbid!
Actors? CIA. Director? United States of Israel. Be careful guys!
Allan Simoes
The only beneficiaries of the US Forces in 40 countries are the Majority Bond Holders of the Multi Trillion Military Industrial Complexes of the USA.
Salve Regina Mater misericorddiae.....
Christus Vincet, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat..
Allan Simoes
If only one is Blind then He cannot see as the Pyramid on the One Dollar Green back ( No Backing ) same with the the British Pound all Printed from thin air as the Backing of the Gold in Fort Knox was robbed soon after WW2 so the Time has
has come to put your trust in Physical Gold as all the Gold has been Robbed by Wallstreet and City of London Pvt Bankers Exposed by the Great Scholar Eustace Mullins a WW2 veteran and today Pastor Texe Mars ex-professor Austin University and WW2 war Veteran of the Southern Baptist Church.
Allan Simoes.
daring kering
I think America will lose in the war
Frog shit is real
I do like the USA to act like a normal country not bullying others
Alan Taylor
And here we have another
commentator a retailers that qdamage to any military hardware us in that region of the right have enough military ability and power to really the major damage to Israel and send it back depots in if this is has the ability to this Troye and send the American ships and like to the volume of the area this is why I seen you on that bike he
gazza rey
Regime Change is whats needed in the US
Thought you could get peace with war. Dumass.
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🇮🇷 Iran nuclear deal: US fails to get international support for Iran 1 day ago   05:08

British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speak to the media regarding the Iran nuclear deal.
Hunt says it would be a setback for the region if Iran obtains nuclear weapons.
Al Jazeera reports live from London.

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