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Watch This Before Ordering | 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand - At Up-Tube.com

Watch This Before Ordering 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand 1 year ago   07:10

Cars, Costs and Technology
Before you make up your mind on purchasing the 2019 Corvette ZR1 check out the latest leaks on the C8 mid engine Corvette!

Corvettes 918:


ZR1 Info:



Corvette Forum C8 Article:




C8 Photos:



Comments 925 Comments

Cars, Costs and Technology
Fast forward 6 months later and I just posted my full review of the 2019 ZR1! Check it out here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/DS0kkFZOoo0
Scotty Fisher
Junk !!!!
Jina Gibson
Still my favorite
Nicos Eftychiou
Watching this like I’m gonna buy one
Simon Assouline
Made in Mexico! Employees salary per hour $2.75, paper Corvette!
Zejnel Dervanovic
Dobra je al taj model treba da je grand kupe da moze I pozadi da se sjedi I obavezno Jo's jedan tehnoloski dodatak koji ne njoj neophodan a to je?
Bryan Leslie
You talk to fast.
Jayme Penner penner Jayme
Ex PRND321
scott stutzman
I’m ok with the price hell its way cheaper than the Europe market. I don’t like that big ass wing it’s not good looking at all. And as far as the mid engine still not a fan but things move on.
Bruce Bohlen
The artist rendering at 4:14 is beautiful.
Bruce Bohlen
Thank you for showing the price chart depicting the price comparisons of the various models.
Random Stuff
I heard that visibility is extremely poor on this car
david nichols
Still has those stupid, new taillights.
Terry l Mullins
Tw o thinks a who don't farm needs a beautiful woman a zr1Covette stingray to ride her in
giorgi abesadze
Was just about to do that
Dwayne Bramble
Why do these American car companies not invest more in eco friendly sport cars and less gas guzzling and environmental harming type sport cars that can still look good. Electric cars go faster if you're looking for speed.
Electronic Adventures
This fucking car is magnificent. No, it's not a Koenigsegg. It's $120K vs 1.5m. No, it's not a McLaren - It's $120k vs. $700k. It is a DRIVERS car. It is an approchable supercar. Well within the reach of a crazy fuck who can handle a $1000 a month car payment (and my 2015 Toyota isn't far behind.) This car is for real and I'm happy to see Chevy step up it's game and make such a mind blowing car for the masses that have some disposable income. THIS is the golden age of American muscle cars. How come I'm not hearing you cheap ass wannabees pissing and moaning about cars that exceed $1,000,000? Go back to your Walmart greeter gigs and keep dreaming.
wow thanks for getting back to me, I'm sorry for being a dick I was just a little pissed off that you even mentioned the ZO6 because it's my understanding the ZR1 is a ZO6 on a whole other level and compared to the cars that competes with it's an absolute value but I appreciate your explanation and I love your videos keep up the good work. I know I sounded like a dick with my feedback but I still gave it a thumbs-up you do a great work thanks again
dude usually you do a really good job but you shit the bed on this one, it can only be seen as an extreme value... clearly when you consider what it's competing with it's Untouchable in terms of bang for your buck... enough said... you were talking out of both sides of your mouth, get your shit straight....
Secret M.
Such an amazing car for the price OMG
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2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Watch This Before Ordering 1 year ago   21:15

In this episode of Head 2 Head presented by Tire Rack (http://www.tirerack.com ), you’ll experience the closest contest in the show’s recent history. The brand-new Corvette Grand Sport combines the Stingray’s 460hp V-8 with the wide body from the Z06. The refreshed 911 Carrera S uses two turbochargers for the first time, making 420 hp from its rear-mounted flat-six. In execution, these two sports cars couldn’t be more different, and yet, they both offer supercar-slaying performance with a more affordable price tag. They’re both brilliant sports cars, but the big question is whether the Chevy’s outrageous cornering grip is enough to beat the 911’s ludicrous straight-line speed. Motor Trend Senior Features Editors Jason Cammisa and Jonny Lieberman declare a virtual dead heat in this head-to-head—until they’re joined by pro racer Randy Pobst to set a tie-breaking lap time at the Willow Springs Raceway. In fact, our first-ever episode of Head 2 Head was between the previous versions of these cars, and the Corvette got clobbered. Will history repeat itself? Watch and find out.

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