Origami 4 Leaf Clover - How to make COOL Origami: MAGIC BALL 2 days ago   04:56

Your Lucky Origami 4 Leaf Clover!

In this video I will show you how to fold a square sheet of paper into an origami 4 Leaf Clover". This Origami 4 Leaf Clover is one of the easiest origami projects you can do, Ideal for a classroom project. Excellent St Patrick's Day origami to decorate you office with.

This is a perfect DIY paper craft/Origami for St Patrick's Day!

This is the Slow Tutorial so it's easy to follow along. Feel free to re-watch this video as often as you want!

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Richard Dominguez
i know this apparently is a problem for 99.9 % of origamist on YouTube, but can you tell us what size paper you are using please
王彦画室Wang Yan Studio
Very neat. Happy St Patrick's Day!
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COOL Origami: MAGIC BALL Origami 4 Leaf Clover - How to make 2 days ago   19:55

EASY ORIGAMI Cool. How to make easy origami magic ball. Action Origami.
Como fazer bola mágica de origami paper antistress
Como hacer una bola mágica de origami
Wie man einen Origami-Zauberball macht
Comment faire une boule magique en origami
종이 접기 마술 공을 만드는 법

Video made with permission of the author of the model.

Youtube Channel Raman Dhillon.
Watch his other videos: https://up-tube.com/channel/HP7FeJEyuCjAVMMEa0Tl11Dt

PRINTS - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1s3-tO23IPKpq7MBgbOcn5TfE1d3MxkjG

Размеры листа - А4
Sheet size - А4

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