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Mexico: Coastal Protection, Aztec-Style | U.s. Citizens Relocating To Mexico - At Up-Tube.com

Mexico: Coastal protection, Aztec-style U.S. citizens relocating to Mexico 2 days ago   06:06

DW News
Famers in Veracruz have cleared large areas of mangroves in recent years that used to protect the coast. The region is now defenseless against storms. A traditional style of crop called a Chinampa could save it.
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epSos Premium
Beautiful farms. It's like a *boat adventure to go to work* for the farmers :-)
this is a really cool video about ecological restoration of coastal areas & saltwater environments. it's very sad that so many people are getting distracted & hung up on making hateful comments about heritage. sounds like they're triggered. maybe they should log off?
I3ordo Sosyal
The man in the thumnail looks like a picture of Cem Yılmaz on a timeline where stand up comedy did not work well at all.
No one expects the Spanish inquisition
Randy Edward
they should plant manmade mangrove walls for safety wave breaker
Mm Mf
He is obviously wearing Aztec style clothes too. Why is DW so obsessed with minority cultures and indigenism in Latin America? Shouldn't you be preventing your own German dialects from becoming extinct? If anything, Mexico was formed way before Germany unified. Even better, as part of the Spanish empire, the New Spain had been a thing since the 16th century. As a Mexican who lived in Germany for several years I am baffled that the German government is funding this agenda. Not to mention that I find the narrative somewhat patronizing.
Jaime Burciaga
Restaurant grade grown lettuce.
Chaim Goldburger
I identity with my conquistador heritage, proud of it.
Chinese Goyim
Looks serene, love farms.
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U.S. citizens relocating to Mexico Mexico: Coastal protection, Aztec-style 2 days ago   11:06

Correspondent Mike Kirsch recently traveled to one of the country’s most eclectic melting pots of foreign citizens along the shores of Lake Chapala, south of Guadalajara, to explore a unique expat community.