V6 or V8?: Camaro Testimonial 6 Cars Banned In America!! :( 3 months ago   06:54


V6 or V8? The most frequently asked question known to potential camaro owners and current owners. This issue has been brought up time and time again on various forums such as camaro5.com and moderncamaro.com. Hopefully this video will help those who are thinking about purchasing a camaro to choose the correct model for them. I have the answer for you!

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Rehab Junkie
I just sold my supercharged FR-S that was crazy modded and bought myself a 2019 1SS 6 speed. I’m in love with everything about this beast. I’m curious. It’s been a while since you bought it. Do you still own it or did you trade up again????
Bubba Gaming
okay ik I'm late but I'm wanting to get a Camaro but my biggest self debate is getting a 5th gen ss or a 6th gen v6 rs but I want the ss bc of the power but I've havnt been in nothing faster than a 5.3 Silverado but I also want the v6 6th gen bc is lower on price and it's more technical, and it's got that ice/snow mode that would be really helpful. but idk I'm mostly just looking for someone else's opinion
Eileen Jones
I have a 2010 Camaro RS 6 SPD. w/2012 engine (long story) but the muffler delete gave me 350 HP... have nailed 3 Mustangs with similar power driven by guys... tied a Challenger driven by a friend and he couldn't beat the Camaro... BTW... we're talking v6... Love my Camaro!
Try this... Go to "Car max" near you. Tell the salesman you want to drive, a Camaro, Challenger and Mustang to compare the three. Im a Mopar guy, I "WANTED" to like the Challenger.. but the Camaro BLEW AWAY the competition. Then drive a Camaro SS... the power just isn't necessary.. even if you do use it, you're going to get in trouble, the car will get away from you... Unless.. you 'baby' it.. in which case.. just buy the V6.
Day in and day out... The fact is the V6 is MORE than you will ever need. 425 HP of the V8, you will never need or really use. I have a 2011 V6 Camaro, I can afford a SS, but I just dont need that kind of power.
Daniel Rocha-Garcia
I have a 2011 2SS RS with the manual transmission. I thought about getting the automatic but the main reason I got the manual is because “apparently” the manual came with a 6.2 V8 that put out 426 HP while the automatic supposedly only put out 400 HP so I figured, screw it, I’ll daily this manual
Camaro Mods Channel
I got a 2012 2lt rs v6 to get a v8 I just got another Camaro 1992 rs project car. The v8 sounds so good!
Depending on your age and location insurance is not bad. I have a 2017 1ss and I live in New Jersey and my policy only went up 60.00.i am 47 so I'm sure that plays a part.
Bob Johnson
Dam sharp looking car
Armando Bustamante
You’re right on the money dude
Charles Evans
I love Chevys that's when my heart beats question is that Dodge a V8 or a V6
If you want to upgrade to SS in Chevy dealership how much do you have to put up front I'm thinking of getting the 2016 SS instead
NorthStar Racing
V6 or v8 who cares take pride in what you drive
Transformers ruined this camaro
Juan errodas
Now you gotta sell it for a manual🙀
Jackson RRXT
Did u say 2ss rs???? What?
Jesus Salinas
I have an RS 2017 and wishing I would have got the SS :(.
I still love my RS
"2ss rs"
I Just bought a 2017 Camaro RS 2LT and had the finances to get an SS.
I specifically, chose to get the V6 because it is the happy medium.
The V6 has plenty of power for what I want to accomplish
and do with a Camaro and better gas mileage

The long and short of it is simple, most consumers want a nice ride
and enjoy the style of a Camaro. Personally, I won’t be at the track
on a regular basis, or be in a tactical pursuit. Additionally, there aren’t
enough places in Southern California to unleash a V8
without getting a ticket or placing others in danger so that I can
go 80+ down the highway and feel like a Bad Ass

Look, if Chevy is implementing terrible V6 Camaros what would that
imply about the V8 (no disrespect to the V8). It is because they put out
excellent cars, people want to buy them and will continue

At the end of the day, you do what is best for you and your situation
and shouldn’t be pressured in buying what critics think is cool. Remember,
everyone’s opinion is subjective to their own experience
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6 Cars Banned In America!! :( V6 or V8?: Camaro Testimonial 3 months ago   06:58

Scirocco R is Front Wheel Drive* My bad :D

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