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the 2000 winston cup season finale brought about the end of an epoch in nascar racing. it marked the final broadcast for bob jenkins and his vaunted espn squad, the final start for 3-time champion darrell waltrip, the closing chapter of dale earnhardt's final season, and the swan song for countless race teams and sponsor affiliations. jerry nadeau's lone nascar victory, rung up in convincing fashion, served to punctuate the bittersweet festivities and help seal the contest's unique place in winston cup lore.

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Adam Oates
Back in 2000 Darrell Walrtip had one of worst season
If he had good team in 2000 he probably had at lease one more win
Back when Darrell waltrip drive for dei he has top ten and coulp top five finish if he drive that car the whole season he would win again
Wonder Hearts
it's our winston cup racing finale.
grizz grizzly
this was also the final Cup Series finale held at Atlanta and was scheduled this way in '01 until 9/11 happened and NASCAR moved the New Hampshire race( which was scheduled the weekend after 9/11)to Black Friday(week after Atlanta) then for '02 and ever since homestead has been the finale
paul lilko
The last race before the modern era began.
Daniel Gantt
i was there that day his last race thanks dw
Scott Wimmer made his Cup debut in this race. Finished 22nd but led 9 laps! 
Chris Kreager
This was the end of an era of NASCAR- the first, original, true NASCAR on ESPN era.

Also, a weird mish-mash of cars designs- last time we saw Martin/Jarrett in their famous red/white/blue cars, yet we also saw Sadler/Rusty driving what they would use for the next 2 years (Rusty switching to Dodge and Sadler to M&M Yates in '03)

The FOX/NBC/TNT six years that followed did a good job as they were passed the torch and they took it to a high level themselves, but ESPN the NASCAR sequel and TNT's Summer Series- not so much.

That's why many NASCAR fans still long for the good old days- basically, most of the races up through 2007- before the CoT became permanent and it became the Sprint Cup.

Benny Parsons went from one great team- Bob and Ned- to meshing incredibly well with the capable Allan Bestwick, who did a good job in picking up as the lap-by-lap NASCAR guy

Winston Cup was great, Nextel Cup wasn't bad, Sprint Cup... meh.
Dana Long
Nowadays, we get Nicole Briscoe (now a mother to her two adorable daughters), Jamie Little, Mike Massaro, Dave Burns and Allen Bestwick, to name a few.
Not many people realise that Larry Nuber (acknowledged after the Winston Million montage during Michael Waltrip's caution) was doing all ESPN SpeedWorld broadcasts with Bob Jenkins and no one else. In the early years those two were THE on-air staff before others like Paul Page from NBC and Bob Varsha started carrying other races and lightening the load for Bob and Larry.
Danny Willis
Go jerry i am a huge fan still
Eric Cox
The end of an era. The end of Dale Earnhardt and Darrell Waltrip. The end of one the best broadcast teams in the business, that is, the end of Bob Jenkins, Ned Jarrett, and Benny Parsons, for that matter, the end of NASCAR on ESPN Speedworld. The most touching message at the very end by Bob Jenkins has no doubt brought a tear to everyone's eyes, that and the tragedy that would follow three months after this broadcast. I'd have to say this was one of the most epic races in the history of NASCAR.
Patrick Dumas
Hell of a season that was. Anyone know the music that is playing when the pit reporters are previewing the race. It was like an old ESPN staple, I can never figure out what it is! Thanks.
Randy Dubin
Can anybody please tell me who does the cover of "Every Thing She Does Is Magic" in the intro?

Jeff Rogers
Nascar before Brian france!!!!
Barry Jowers
it was so cold that day in Atlanta.
and look at jarrett in that 1996 retro 88 car...damn why did this thing have to be rained out and run on a monday when i was in 5th grade
the saddest milestone of this race was that it was Big E's final Cup race he finished. Finished 2nd to my favorite driver at the time Nadeau. Never knew Hamilton Jr drove a 2nd coors light car in this for sabates...and just think, ward burton, dave blaney, and scott wimmer all driving for bill davis, and all would get to pilot the 22 car in the future
Thanks for uploading! I missed the first 42 minutes of this (picking up when Ned Jarrett mentions his son's engine dying as he exited his pit) because I wasn't yet aware of the time zone differences, and I didn't know that 10 AM meant Eastern time (7 AM Pacific).
Reid Slaten
what is that song at the beginning of the video?
Wow lots of people ran their 2001 paint schemes, Rusty Wallace has his all blue Miller Lite car, Elliott Sadler in his Motorcraft Ford for 2001, Todd Bodine driving a 3rd TCarter entry, Jeff Burton already ran his 2001 scheme since the Winston 500 in October and Petty swapped colors from STP to Cheerios but STP was on this car to tribute the final STP season for Petty Enterprises.
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