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Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays | Stephen Curry Wins The Skills - At Up-Tube.com

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays Stephen Curry Wins the Skills 1 year ago   15:44

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Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan!

Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend.
It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 .

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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Alexandre Couto
Eu meu modo de ver o melhor que já existiu ! Insuperável Michael Jordan ..
Terence Reed
59 mil views and counting, G.O.A.T.
Allan Redman
Cara eu pensava que LeBron James jogava mais vendo esse mostro jogar meu deus imagino o salário desse homem nos dias de hoje
alejandro carratala rodriguez
Andre Frusciante
MJ = Kobe + Lebron with super powers and unlimited skill points, 99 overall.
Марина Каменнова
Блять пролететь 150000мм для него ничто. Его Воздушество!!!
Thomas Chiang
The G.O.A.T., period!
Anderson Monsalve
Se ganó el me gusta, que buen video parsero.
Hermanos Fernandez
Kobe, LeBron, Hakeem, Shaq, Duncan, Wilt, Russel, Magic, Bird and Kareem are great in their own way but MJ stands above all.
Prince Maristela
Soundtrack title?
WavyNutz 69
I like when he about to make it he sticks his tounge out (no homo)
Ro No
I remember sitting and watching that shot. Was epic. Knew it was gonna be number one.
Paul McNaney
Michael Jordan *still* makes more money per year than LeBron, Durant, Curry, etc...
Jason Singh
Gravity: Exists

Jordan: Im about to end this mans whole career
Lipang Chang
Toxic Vapor
Not hating, but #1 was a slight push off
Sophia plays
Michael is a scoring machine
Fashion'in live
what's the name of the music please ?
Damir Perkovic
The greatest of all time. Proved it in college, the nba, team USA, but most importantly...in the playoffs. He took part in dunk competitions. He wanted to win at every level and that’s why he’s the best. He had a killer instinct and never pumped his own tires like LeWrong James.if you know you’re the best, you don’t have to tell anyone.
Stefon Williams
KSI Zegov you are right Michael Jordan is the only one
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Stephen Curry Wins the Skills Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays 1 year ago   01:36

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, beat Derrick Rose, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook to win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. Visit http://www.nba.com/video for more highlights.