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​​Awesome DIY card ideas for Christmas

If you love doing personalized gifts and cards for people you love because this shows your true feelings towards them. Then this video is for you.

1. How to make a personalized 3D card
- Take an A4 card paper and fold it exactly in half. Then on the side that is folded start cutting with your scissors four straight lines. Make sure you start with small lines at the top and they get bigger at the bottom to make sure that it looks like a Christmas tree. Cut approximately 4 lines. Then fold your card but the parts you just cut, try to fold them on the inside of the card instead of keeping them on the outside. Then take your favorite wrapping paper cut it in squares and stick it to each present square that appears in your card. Then, add a bow on top. And there you have it. Your own professional-looking Christmas card.
- Add delicious treats inside your Cards
If you would like to go a step further with your Card giving skills try this one. If someone in your family, and to be more specific, a little person in your family loves Kinder chocolates. Take a box of them. Take your glue gun and stick 4 - 5 of them on a Christmas card. Then, add a cut-out of a flame on top of each chocolate as, and little snowflakes for the details and there you have it. A delicious DIY Christmas Card.
- How to use thread to decorate your cards
Pierce your card using a pencil or a needle in a Triangle shape. Then, take a green thread and place it from the inside of the paper where you pierced and take it all the way to the other side of the paper you pierced. Then keep moving on top until you see your tree forming. If you would like to add some extra decorations to your Christmas Tree, take some glass beads and add them on your tread. Then you'll see how beautiful your card will look and how memorable it will be to the person you are giving it to.
- How to decorate a Card using Washi tape
If you are not a very artistic person, but still want to make something beautiful for someone you love, then try this hack. Take all different varieties of your favorite washi tape. Try different sizes as well to make them extra beautiful. Then cut a 5-inch piece from each of them and stick them on your Christmas card side by side. Then, using a yellow or orange marked draw a flame on top of each washi tape, this will turn your beautiful creation into Christmas candles.
- How to use glitter on your Cards
You will love this little trick if you are after minimal DIY cards that are beautiful and pleasing to look at. Take a black card paper and fold it in half. Then using a paintbrush take some PVA craft glue and draw a simple tree on the outside of the black card. After that take you gold or silver glitter and dust it on top of the glue. Let it sit there for a few minutes until the glue is completely dry, remove the excess glitter and there you have it! A beautiful minimal card.
0:27 - Beautiful Christmas card idea
1:00 - Glass decoration Card for Christmas with glitter and snow
1:28 - Add chocolate treats to your cards
2:49 - How to decorate cards using buttons
3:20 - How to decorate cards using nail polish
4:05 - Gold 3D Christmas card
4:26 - How to make a card using washi tape
4:40 - Starbucks drink Christmas card
6:06 - Affordable DIY Christmas Cards
7:02 - Minimal Christmas Card tutorial
9:27 - Origami paper card
10:18 - Love/hearts posted notes card

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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
Hey girls, are you waiting for Christmas? 🎄 The cutest DIY card ideas 5:26 😍

Find out more DIY ideas here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/Eyf1PK9-MHf
this is amazing !!!
jheanne beloria
very perfect card in your love ones
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you are a lier
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Son bonitas las tarjetas
Fernando Mndendez hernaneez
Pues ami meencanto las manualidades
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Está muy bonito qué haces
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This is so bad
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Like sino te salieron😢
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Plein d'idée super cools et trop belles, mes coups de cœurs sont là boule de Noël avec les paillettes qui bouge dedans et le Rennes avec les empreintes digital !
Mrc beaucoup
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I like You video
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Soi una fan de ti te apoyo en to do
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Son imcreibles y muy hermosas ideas, realmente fasinantes !
maria cecilia.
Maria. cecilia. @
Violetta Atnaguzina
We me like
Ekta Patel
December here
Having card making competition in school
Sans Undertale
Still have no idea how is this "Girly"

Xmas really?
Ahamed Rafik
Quyen Del Mar
SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!UHG
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Pregunta..¿que tiene que ver 5 minute crafts girly si es un "tutorial"para aser manualidades navideñas?
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