Russell Westbrook, Jazz fan share Serge Ibaka fight Marquese 2 weeks ago   03:55

Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Russell Westbrook sheds light on the altercation he had with Utah Jazz fans and has no regrets about how he handled the situation. Jazz fan Shane Keisel's assessment of the altercation is much different that Westbrook's and is upset Russ threatened his wife.
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Comments 1966 Comments

Armando Garcia
That dudes a POS bro. Fuck that dude smh. Just let the damn dude play
Charles M Rinehart
No one can change people’s behavior.
Dad Man
Translation: "classless" - "he acts like a dman ni%%er!"
Marshall Jackson
Fuck your kids Westbrook
Marshall Jackson
Westbrook is a bitch i hate that bitch nigga
**** America
They both lying they was all 3 talking shit to each other and Westbrook just got to mad that's the bottom line 🙄 people need to stop lying
Darkninja 900000
Lyin piece of shit. Fuck him n his punk ass wife
Bradford McDermott
Dude looks and sounds like red neck character by Cassidy Campbell says "Murica"
Claudie Cummings
Fuck westbrook hes a bitch
Wiz Khalifa
Hhmmm! SO IT'S COME TO THIS. FINE FANS TOO? Is it fair/rite that Westbrook gets suspended...fined an absurd amount of money and fans miss out. And it's killing his stats. LEAGUE SHOULD STEP UP.
All fans get is a slap on wrist. ??? C'MON
The cuckold strikes again, pretending to be righteous.
I'm a white separatist, nationalist and racist as f***. You would never see me caught dead paying to go to an NBA game. Hockey and baseball it's all I can stomach. who would pay money to watch a bunch of monkeys dribble all fancy like?
The Chosen One
Let a fan be a fan sensitive ass nigga
Rum Have
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names can never touch me.
Rum Have
Russel is a spoiled brat. Durant left for a reason.
Rum Have
Russel makes 1 million dollars more per year than this little white guy that's getting the boot.
I dont feel sorry for Russell. He's a wimp.
Seth Taleni
The fan and Westbrook are both fucking idiots just let it go who cares 🤦‍♂️🤔
J willbhereforu
Hes probably the son of one of those cash cows from utah....20 kids all on welfare beating the system but claiming there Christian so that's ok
Know your place!! You're only a fan.. you're not player idiot!! 😂😂😂
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Serge Ibaka fight Marquese Russell Westbrook, Jazz fan share 2 weeks ago   06:47

Serge Ibaka fight Marquese Chriss; Cavaliers def Raptors 126-101 | NBA Game Time
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