20 Times Mesut Özil Made Mesut Özil: Tüm Dünya'yı 8 months ago   08:21

20 Times Mesut Özil Made The Whole World Admire Him
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No matter if you play or not. I will always support you Mesut ❤️
Hasan Kaiser
Bakary Conteh
habeeb pemisire
Addi Law
You know what’s annoying? Listening to the arsenal fans screaming when he scores and now they act like he’s rubbish. Y’all have no loyalty should ashamed of ur dirty ungrateful ways
S. E.
Imagine him going to Liverpool...getting back in shape....helping to conquer europe again..
RTS Channel TV
Era unay emery ozil his gone 😢😭
Ibrahim Boubacar
Masha Allah
L98 Mma
Love u ozil
Al Ilm
wow, what a gifted player. A pleasure to watch his ball touch, passes or finishes.
Abraham Lannister
He is arguably the best player in the premier league on technical ability his touch easy movement and passing is outrageous brilliant footballer
Nurohim Jumena
The best players .. Ronaldo no Messi no .. ozil yes
Sanele Dlamini
fvk unaii
Prettyblossom _03
I don't know why but when Ozil smile, I feel happy too
Shini Shaijumon
Like he ll impress again
The one moment that made people admire Özil more than all the rest: When the German Football Federation, German politics, and the entire German media machinery launched a huge slander campaign against him for meeting with the Turkish president, and tried to force him to publicly apologise for it (i.e. for thinking and acting independently, which is not at all appreciated in Germany). The plan backfired, he didn't read any farcical apology statement, but instead openly stated that he would do it anytime again. (Gleichschaltung failure). Because of that, he is now not only a great footballer, but also an icon of individual liberty and self-determination.
Ayel Ajak
Mesut ozil is the dream of any striker in the world
William Mpobi
Ozil may leave
Abdiqafar Hussein
Ozil better than debruyna
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Mesut Özil: Tüm Dünya'yı 20 Times Mesut Özil Made 8 months ago   05:28

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