Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make 2 weeks ago   06:15

Kitchen Nightmares
And micro carrots for garnish?

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Coran Brown
tad bit click bait, but still good content
He must get it from a McDonalds distribution center.
Tori Gibson
Why exactly did he ask them to take off their name tags?
Smilingkiki `
Him: I know a lot of chefs
*_like your mother_*
If you ever hand me a friggggggggggen lil petite carrot i swear to the lord almighty......
Honestly I think garnishes are stupid. If you can’t eat it and don’t plan on the customer eating it why put it on a plate of food?
wallygames 99
Which episode?
T-SERIES tomato
Terrible food oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Just here to Comment
I honestly am getting triggered from all the accents there putting on 😑
OMG that French onion soup looked disgusting 🤤
9OutOf10WomenAreBattered IStillEatMinePlain
Wheres the 🖕 button?
Kitcat Gaming
Ah. I love watching people getting ramseyed. (Getting roasted by Gordon Ramsey)
Why apply to be on the show just to complain about Ramsay being there
Why is there always a random family in the background?
A dude with a fork
"You don't hand me raw food in my own dining room."

“You don’t hand me raw food in my dining room.” But you hand it to your customers? Ok lol.
Oh yea Oh yeaaa
Oh yea
The White House gets their groceries from random grocery stores.
My big toe can accomplish more
Freshest food

Proceeds to take the ravioli out of the freezer and shoved into the microwave
Tops C. Kritz
*They should know that unless it's cooked by Gordon.... It's shit...*
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Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets 2 weeks ago   02:11

Gordon Ramsay turns an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.

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On season Nine of MASTERCHEF, award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich will put the latest group of contestants through a series of challenging elimination rounds, in order to turn one home cook into a culinary master. The winner will claim the title of MASTERCHEF, a cookbook deal and the $250,000 grand prize.

Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Scrambled Eggs | Season 8 Ep. 5 | MASTERCHEF

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