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Know Your Chevrolet Beat | 2019 Maruti Suzuki Landy - At Up-Tube.com

Know Your Chevrolet Beat 2019 Maruti Suzuki Landy 1 day ago   03:16

Watch Chevrolet Beat Video Review by CarDekho Team. Know more about Chevrolet Beat at :

Chevrolet Beat Video Description

How to unlock the car :
Chevrolet Beat does not come with central locking as a feature from the manufacturer. You have to unlock it with the key, manually.

How to open the bonnet :
To open the bonnet you need to pull the lever that is placed on the lower side of the dashboard on right side of accelerator pedal. You will also notice open bonnet sign marked on it, pull the lever to open the bonnet. Then step out the car, there will be a button under the front middle of bonnet, place your finger in the gap and gentle push up the lever to unhinge the lock. Now lift the hood and place the securing stick at its position so that the lid don’t fall down.

How to fill windscreen wiper fluid :
First open the bonnet and then pull the black cap given on the left side of the engine. After this, one can simply pour in clean filtered water and placed the cap back properly. You make sure to use recommended shampoo in the wiper fluid.

How to open the boot and fuel lid :
To open the boot space and fuel lid , all you need is to pull a small lever found on the floor of the driver side door. The small lever has a boot open icon on it. Also the fuel lid open is right next to the boot open. Pull the lever to open the fuel lid and boot.

Tyre Pressure Sticker :
Tyre pressure sticker is placed on the right side of the driver door gap. This sticker refers to measure what psi measure to maintain in the tyres. It is recommended for road use and this pressure will help maintain better control and fuel efficiency.

How to access the spare tyre :
The spare tyre of the Chevrolet Beat can be accessed from the boot. All you need to lift the carpet out and take the tool kit out. There is a nut in the center, which holes the tyre which you have to lose it. Once you have screwed the nut, lift the tyre out.

Headlamps and Foglamps :
The lever to operate headlamps and foglamps controls are mounted behind the steering. Turn rolling knob once to switching on the parking lights and twice to switch on the headlamps and next to it there is another knob for foglamps. For indicators, push the lever up to turn left and down to turn right.

How to adjust side view mirrors :
There is no electrically OVRM in Chevrolet Beat, it can be operated manually. A knob is given near the driver side door controls as well as on the co-driver side for adjusting the outside mirrors.

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2019 Maruti Suzuki Landy Know Your Chevrolet Beat 1 day ago   12:44

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