MLB | Reactions in milliseconds MLB Greatest Outfield Throws of All time 1 year ago   05:57

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Mike K
No cliff lee behind the back?
Johnny Doe
Baseball is slower and requires less athletic ability than golf
Robeon Mew
Sooo many Blue Jays yet tgey haven't won in over 20 years 🐦
0:46 Matrix bitchhhh
xAuqa Fortnite and more
.I may not be first but I am the 1000th comment
xAuqa Fortnite and more
When ever the pitcher catches a line drive I always thing they say "Hey! You're not the Catcher!"
Ninja level unlocked
The Rift
No You ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The Ludonarrian
This is proof why the pitchers need to wear the same fear the catchers do.
...I feel like the pitchers need a helmet. Everyone else has one, the batter, the umpire, and the catcher, just not the pitcher.
Rahul Ash
This are normal catch in cricket
prakash d
Watch CRICKET pls
Your Neighbor
When my mom was pregnant my dad reacted that fast too.. I never saw him until now
Hector Cepeda
How many milliseconds to react. Let's do a little math here:
(Assume the pitchers must react more quickly than the other positions)
Distance from home plate to pitching mound rubber: 60.5 feet
Distance of pitcher from the pitching mound rubber at the time the ball is hit: 6 feet (assumption)
Distance of pitcher from home plate at the time the ball is hit: 60.5 feet minus 6 feet = 54.5 feet
Hit ball exit velocity: 125.2 mph (183.6 feet/second); MLB highest recorded exit velocity
Time to react: 54.5/183.6 = 0.297 seconds = 297 milliseconds
Are you just gonna fukin skip Mchugh’s near death experience
Their gloves used to be so small and unpadded.
Emmanuel Enyinwa
Why only pitchers and fielders? The batter that has to hit the deck when that 98 mph heater is heading for his noggin as he leans over to cover that slider on the outside corner really has to text in milliseconds....
Mike Cirio
0:48 I love the crowd’s reaction to that one
Watch cricket, this is child's play
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MLB Greatest Outfield Throws of All time MLB | Reactions in milliseconds 1 year ago   06:41

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