The Maroons | Jamaica's Forgotten Nation The Livity of Rastafari - Family in the Hills 1 year ago   11:30

We dive deeper into Jamaica's Blue Mountains and get welcomed into the Scotts Hall Maroon Community. Join us for an UNBELIEVABLE day in the Blue Mountains as we explore Maroon culture!
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I am from Jamaica.
dcftcfv gftftvt
Why would any Jamaican forgets their their Nation why just please tell me just tell
That was hot !!!!
I know that Jamaica was a spanish colony ... I never knew that they fought a war for Freedom before the Haitians did..... interesting
Simone Flynn
Slavery and Colonization happened because of this same reason--welcoming and showing our treasures to Europeans! With the increasing WS atmosphere world wide, we are still allowing this kind of filming in our countries! Please JAs educate your people!
I see much negativity in the comments, yet the people in this video seem very welcoming and generous allowing these guys make this video. It even alludes to now having a bed and breakfast in Scotts Hall. Are they fools for doing that or are you still fighting a two hundred year old
war? Not for me to say either way. But they do need to be careful of "creep". But knowing that I'll never get there, I very much appreciate and respect the Maroon culture (as I do the Garifuna, native Hawaiians, and many others). Peace and respect.
Ronaldo Stewart
Wow im from Jamaica i leave when i was one year old an i spring from maroon on my father side of family
Leaster Gayle
I live in Jamaica
Love love love!!! My people!
It's Alex YT
Alejandro Blanco here😜😜
10:10, horn goes with the music perfectly.
terrence Gassop
The maroons sold other runaway slaves to the British. The only thing good about them was nanny and cudjoe. Nothing but a sellout legacy
Gary Austin
Very educational !
rick john
They snitched on themselves and didnt recognize it 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jon A
T Spice
I love my land❤️❤️❤️❤️ love my country, we really appreciate the land and nature around us, instilled in us when we start school and throughout life. Out of many One people 🇯🇲
Musha III
We don't come from Africa. The "black" people in Jamaica have have always been there.
Kyle Reese
Being isolated from the rest of jamaica, how is it that they have the same accent as the rest of the country?
Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve
there Ghanaian maroons
How do we contact the villagers?
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The Livity of Rastafari - Family in the Hills The Maroons | Jamaica's Forgotten Nation 1 year ago   48:10

Have you ever seen a happier family? With a richer life than this? I haven't. What a beautiful movie! The children are beautiful, smart and well behaved. Have you ever seen another family with 13 children who are this poised, intelligent, forward thinking and exude peace?
What values do you appreciate the most? Peace, Contentment, Unity... Watch and be inspired!

This family lives on the hills near Castres, St. Lucia.