GIANT Maze Labyrinth for Cat Kittens. Cats vs. Dogs: Which animal 8 months ago   03:54

In this video I show you how to make Giant Cardboard Maze Game for your cat or kittens. It's a fun project for you and your pets.
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My kittens laugh at me when I try to solve maze puzzle, so I decided to build them a giant labyrinth and check their skills.

To make the Labyrinth, all you need is some cardboard and free time. First use your imagination to create the route. Then fold the sheets and make your maze. Similar maze can be made for hamster or a rat. Help your pets develop their spatial coordination.

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αƒškouki_ 65αƒš
αƒškouki_ 65αƒš
Aqeel Nuriffqi
why the cat moves like snake?
Design about a 6' x 12' version that ships flat and folded up, and cat owners would buy the hell out of it, I say.
sydney chukes
🐍🐱 snakekitty!!
Diana GonzΓ‘lez Azuara
Diana GonzΓ‘lez Azuara
Susana Sibilia
s zx
yahya kabbout
Yannis Ivanuta
Bere Nava
Que hermosos gatitos son unas ternuras
Janet Maldonado
Jasmina rΓΌsing
Tuli Becer
good job
Aber Mohamd
Frederick Limanto Kurniawan
cat blue is jump Γ·_Γ·
Thiraphon Thiraphon
Go to the previous leviticos record jungle maker
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Cats vs. Dogs: Which animal GIANT Maze Labyrinth for Cat Kittens. 8 months ago   03:05

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