The Scientific Benefits of Boredom Is America Actually Metric? 9 months ago   07:22

Boredom makes you more creative, altruistic, introspective, and helps with autobiographical planning.
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I feel like this video might come across as condescending but the person I'm really talking to is myself. Despite the fact that I know how useful it can be to be bored, I still find myself trying to fill every last moment with stimulus. Boredom is unpleasant - the open, unstructured thinking that can take place can also feel pointless. But now I'm made this video to remind myself how important boredom is so hopefully I'll make more time to be bored.

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I would have probably pressed the button a few times.
i take my phone when out to avoid people not to avoid to be bored XD
thatOneG7 dude

Oh hi billie
Hob Nob
What of nothing cures your boredom?
I go in an adventure when I daydream in a result of boredom...It just gives you time to wander and think...How many steps have I taken from when I was first born...That fantasy of me doing xyz would be great...That’s a great way to use my skill points in borderlands. It just allows you to think about things you’d never think of regularly.
I'm bored for 40 hours a week.
Gerson Gonzalez
Ohh that explain what used to happen me !? Thanks ;)
Social Network
My favorite thing to do in public is watch people stare at their cell phones and imagine information as if it was virus infecting their brain. Ideas are kinda like viruses. Good or bad, both get in your head and never leave.
Émy-Rose Quessy
Am I really the only one who likes to sit around and do nothing? (not even meditation) Yes? I guess I'm even wierder than I thought I was...
ChildOfThe Ivy
Here's to the forever bored ADHD people!
man I don't even need my phone in the bathroom the second I get even a millimetre into that room I start getting distracted by my own thoughts
Isaac Reid
Thanks, I needed to hear this.
This was great inspiration, thank you.
The Marvel Dork
I even watched this clip at 1.5x the speed because I was bored between the words (and I am german).
A Random Rock
0:59 I like to think back about my mistakes and how bad of a person I am.
Nickyb 123
Who’s watching this while bored.
From my experience, I think you only hit one aspect of the usefulness of boredom. I think another major benefit of recurring boredom is that it maintains your idea of what boredom is. If you stay entertained/boredom-free all the time, then your mind starts to get more and more sensitive to boredom. If you go far enough down that rabbit hole, certain forms of entertainment also start to seem boring. So you start watching videos at double speed, or you start having a podcast on while playing a video game, etc. At the same time, you can move your threshold for boredom far enough that even useful actions like doing your job at work or completing your homework can seem unbearably boring, which can lead to you being more distracted and less productive. You, in a sense, develop your own form of ADD. I honestly wish I would have come to that realization a long time ago, because walking back my aversion to boredom is a very irritable process, and since I feel both tired and annoyed, it's very hard to concentrate on important tasks while I'm resetting my boredom threshold. I consistently tell myself that I'm going to be more productive, but inevitably find myself fidgeting or doing seemingly ANYTHING other than what I want to be doing. Because this seems so similar to ADD, I'm starting to wonder if it's over-entertainment that has helped lead to so many kids getting diagnosed with a learning disorder these days. Just a guess, obviously.
it may also lead u to think suisidal
Árpád Blázsik
Jake Paul: SmAsH tHe SuBsCrIbE BuTtoN iN tHe FaCe!!!!!

Derek: Think carefully before pressing that button!
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Is America Actually Metric? The Scientific Benefits of Boredom 9 months ago   08:52

The US signed the metre convention and bases all customary units on SI standards. As an aside, the Utah constitution from 1895 required the metric system to be taught in schools. This requirement was repealed in 1987. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Huge thanks to NIST, Ben Stein and Patrick Abbott.

Special thanks to Patreon Supporters:
Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen

Back in 1875 The US signed the Metre Convention, which basically committed the country to use the metric system. In return, French scientists sent two platinum-iridium cylinders that weigh 1kg to the US in 1889 (known by their designations K4 and K20 from a set of 40 identical objects that were produced and sent around the world). So even though everything you see and buy in the US is usually reported in pounds, all weights are traceable back to the K20 kilogram (by applying a conversion factor to get to pounds).

When I was in DC a few weeks ago, I visited the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and got up close with K20, which is still kept there and used to calibrate all mass standards in this country. I thought it was pretty cool.

Edited by Bill Connor