The rape of nuns - another Catholic Sex And The Swastika (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline 6 months ago   05:49

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The Catholic Church has been hit by yet another abuse scandal. Pope Francis has acknowledged that high-ranking members of the clergy sexually abused and raped nuns. Francis admitted suspending priests and bishops for abusing women, and promised to do more to eradicate the problem. Up to now the Vatican has done almost nothing to address the crimes. Campaigners say the rapists are protected by a culture of silence and secrecy.

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Sex And The Swastika (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline The rape of nuns - another Catholic 6 months ago   49:30

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During the Second World War the Allies used information about the secret sex lives of the Nazis to try and bring down the Third Reich. Sex And The Swastika reveals the existence of a top secret government department whose job was to create and broadcast false German news stories. These radio broadcasts and printed leaflets featured the bizarre and revolting sex practices of top ranking Nazis. The programme also describes the work of the Americans and in particular the Langer Report which was written by a top psychoanalyst and aimed to get inside the mind of Hitler. It investigated claims that Hitler had perverted relationships with many women and in particular his niece Geli, who died in mysterious circumstances. A eye-opening look at the lurid side of the Secret Service.

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