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The Catholic Church has been hit by yet another abuse scandal. Pope Francis has acknowledged that high-ranking members of the clergy sexually abused and raped nuns. Francis admitted suspending priests and bishops for abusing women, and promised to do more to eradicate the problem. Up to now the Vatican has done almost nothing to address the crimes. Campaigners say the rapists are protected by a culture of silence and secrecy.

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ma gi
boycott the church. do not give them your money or you are complicit in their crimes and their continuous cover-up including putting the blame on the victims. shame on you
ma gi
every third nun gets raped at least once in her life by those holy rapists in uniform. god bless rapists
angie spangle
It's Gods house and it should never go on . God will judge them and Caesars law will put them away . Report all you know even if it's anonymous. Call crimestoppers . They should take the events of the child royal Australian royal commission. In Australia the moment you are reported you are instantly taken from working with children and in this case the dbs checks should be done yearly .
maluti denny
Sad story and real in the church today.The devil's veil revealed.
Leo Picollo
Wow its really said to hear this , little boys, nun,s , gay sex orgies , i realize no one is perfect but come on, please all nuns please quit the church NOW, serve christ in true christian biblical churches , get out being catholic NOW.
The Catholic Church is a sexual abuse ring that consistently, systematically lure, abuse and cover up. Those who are successful rises to the top of the leadership.
Salim Safran
it is really hard to believe that priests engaged with the concerned nuns without their consent, nuns most likely are the ones who were seducing luring these poor men. anyway men always to blame , do regular tests on nuns to discover any hormonal imbalance to save the church from more mean scandales. many of the nuns are so beautiful not wicked but not really innocent and most likely better off to provide services in different civic and social aspects in life away from the Church where they can meet men without such religious ties. Catholicism is being targeted for centuries still survived nothing new here but no doubt the good ones are always on the target , call it jealousy and hatred. Churches provide shelter and help to the needy people and only them not who accused them and trying to put them down.
John Lock
it is clear that celibacy is an issue and we hear that pope wants to do something but still he is reluctant to see that it is celibacy problem here all those thigs have connection with sexual activity of humane being so pope is bullshiter and doesn't really want to face problem. And if church is so much in favour of all the natrual things so preventing people from sexual activity and haveing family life is the most unnatural thing
Edward Branca
The Catholic Church will never change because it is incapable of changing.
Henry Gardner
Is it because Catholicism represses the natural sexual right that this occurs? Both to children nuns and I’m sure to male clergy too? Why is this such a prevalent thing in this religion?
Christian Pagan
No wonder church become empty room!
Christian Pagan
God created man and women to have sex...why church disobey God!!
This is what happened!!
This isn't about celibacy. It goes deeper. The very role of "priest" as a mediator between God and man is obsolete. That was the whole point of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; unfettered access to God for those who belong to Christ. A priest was a precursor or a foreshadowing of what was to come , namely  Christ's atoning death and his rendering their job no longer necessary. So, the result is an illegitimate "office of priest" performing duties Christ doesn't sanction or need-its actually heretical because it implies Christ's death isn't sufficient ( the height of heresy )-and a resulting sexual perversion. study your bibles Catholics!!!
Bernal Diaz
Thank God it isn't the true Catholic Church. If it were the true Church those people ... Including the nuns .... would have the graces to maintain the life they chose. The Apocalypse explains how the Catholic Church takes up "wings" and flies to a place of safety APOCALYPSE CHAPTER 12 while an impostor and fornicating "church" stands in her stead APOCALYPSE CHAPTER 17. Most people's will not understand this because either they are trollls or they lack the understanding because of so many manipulations already throughout the world.
annamal pete
Do nuns make rape a HABIT! 😝
Fire of Lust consume every person who are victim of physical desire of deriving pleasure at the cause of abusing others. No matter who the person is. People lack spirituality in real sence.
Drogo Baggins
Let the truth flow.
frank brennan
One of most the interesting people I ever met in my life was my Great Aunt, Sister Florista, I think that's how you spell it, but what I believe it meant in Spanish was little flower. Correct me if I'm wrong. What was interesting about her was her calmness, she was so peaceful. She was ordained in 1925, died in 1977
Tim Donahue
The Catholic Church is a scam. TAX THEM. Use the money to actually help the poor as Jesus told them to
Tanya Thompson
Sorry I don't call you father, only my Father in Heaven. I won't confess my sins to you either, it doesn't say it in the bible to confess to another man.  The Vatican is satanic on the under. I don't look up to the pope at all.  The Vatican has 2 satlites in Nevada called Lucifer 1 and Lucifer 2. Why look up this show called Sid Roth with all kinds of miracles and they talk about the Vatican, aliens and how they are demon worshiper on the under. Listen I'm telling you, Please just watch and you decide. In the bible it says millions of people are following a false prophet. That's why they let the malesters get away. look up videos and investigate. You will see.   I as a Christian believe in deliverance that's the difference between Christians and Catholics. Catholics idol Mary. Demon of that religion make you Catholic look at her as if she is someone above the Lord. The bible talks about not worshiping idol yet you have statues of Mary and baby everywhere. It hardly talks about Mary in bible and Jesus called her women.  Please people can you see your in a false religion. Demons show themselves as loving and kind but when you die where you gonna go.  Watch the Catholic women who died and was locked out of heaven and came back turned Christian and testified about it.  Look up Catholics, Muslims and Jews who had near death experiences and turned Christian. We believe in Luke 10:19 and We have the authority to cast out demons and we do deliverance.  Please watch this Pastor called Alph Lukau he is anointed in every way. Please just watch a few of his videos, he has good preaching, he gets word from God for people and does deliverance after his sermons. Please watch. People of all over go to him to get anointed. He talks about other religions and don't be fooled. No  all Christans are true theres a lot of false Christans out there too. Just believe in Jesus our Lord God. Bless you
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Sex And The Swastika (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline The rape of nuns - another Catholic 1 day ago   49:30

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During the Second World War the Allies used information about the secret sex lives of the Nazis to try and bring down the Third Reich. Sex And The Swastika reveals the existence of a top secret government department whose job was to create and broadcast false German news stories. These radio broadcasts and printed leaflets featured the bizarre and revolting sex practices of top ranking Nazis. The programme also describes the work of the Americans and in particular the Langer Report which was written by a top psychoanalyst and aimed to get inside the mind of Hitler. It investigated claims that Hitler had perverted relationships with many women and in particular his niece Geli, who died in mysterious circumstances. A eye-opening look at the lurid side of the Secret Service.

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