Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) Mario Kart Wii : Hitler's Reign 1 week ago   07:24

Finally, the conclusion to the saga. Except not really.

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Kingdom hearts? More like Cringedom hearts, am i right fellas
“Duuhuhuhuh Dunkey is BIAS against anime games!!”
Implying that Japanese games are exclusively: Poorly written, poorly developed, unchallenging, awkwardly presented, lacking in content.
Gee, I guess I’m bias against BAD games too! Its so weird for people like Dunkey and myself to dislike BAD games! Whats next? Dunkey enjoying GOOD games? Perish the thought!
0:58 he sneaks a yossy
Kris OfChin
I mean I can see how you might feel like this but comparitevly to older titles your just wrong, the writing is just too mature and full of emotion for you to comprehend. This review is more vapid and emotionless.
I will now email you a ten thousand word essay which you can get through audible voiced completely by donald duck.
I really liked it :(
JS Recurser
Who saw Beeg Yoshi in the video? Like!
Mario Ramirez
Filthy weeb Kingdom Hearts fans whining about waiting so long despite having like a dozen remakes and prequels, meanwhile we haven't got a true Banjo-Kazooie game since 2000...
George John Jr
Think you’re over exaggerating a tad
I really enjoyed it, but each to their own
PK Breezy
Couldn't have said it better, such a goddamn disappointment with the promise of another forseeably drab sequel blatantly plastered on during the secret cutscene.
Well, I didn't want a PS4 anyway. PC master race!
Elvis Preters
i shidded.
Cosmic Chaos
long standing kh fan, favorite game series, beat most games multiple times. this video was the only thing i genuinely enjoyed about this game
Big Herc
when you hear me say,
2:58 THE BAD GAME ARE ONLY ON NINTENDO CONSOLE (except for birth by sleep he was good,fight me) AND I'M A NINTENDO FANNN (kill me...)
Couldn't of said it better myself.
I don't think you should put this in the no jokes playlist because this entire game's a fuckin' joke. After all these weird sequels and tangents in the plotline, KH3 should have been a way to tie all of them together and straighten everything out. It does absolutely nothing though.
Thomas Citriniti
Little kids game that you need a masters degree in physics to understand.
Space Cat
Kingdom hearts 3 = English dubbed anime
Ajc 7575
Edit: also Dunkey do Anthem because if you don’t I’ll shoot your spaghetti and meatballs.
Dinglenut RICKY
Where are the micro transactions?
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Mario Kart Wii : Hitler's Reign Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) 1 week ago   04:26

Turn items off and race me on final destination fuckers.