Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) Mario Kart Wii : Hitler's Reign 2 months ago   07:24

Finally, the conclusion to the saga. Except not really.

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Kingdom Hearts is the Twilight of video games. Screw this overrated as fuck franchise, I'm sticking with Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Breath of Fire, and Phantasy Star for my JRPG fix.
Am I Dead?
0:59 N A V I G A T I N G W I T H T H E S H I P
Kingdom Hearts was literally my favorite thing. Ever. I knew the whole story, every little detail, and as convoluted as it was, I loved it. I was even gonna get a tattoo. But this game just ruined it. All of it. I don't even care anymore. What a waste.
Donald Clardy
I wanna see Dunky do new game+ and critical mode
How to Comedy
KH3 is the TLJ of KH fans
"good games either die as good IP or live long enough to see itself become shitfest" - harvey bent
Alex RamenNoodles
Its been like what, 2 months since this game came out. Yeah its a 0/5 Dunkey why you lie
Xplosion Games
Never have I seen a 1/5
Colin Bunting
I enjoyed the game, despite the many disappointments I had with it. Dunky makes a ton of good points, and he’s right about literally all of it, but the game still scratches that itch of anime boys and Disney. Good review of the game.
This is going down in history
I can’t wait for kingdom hearts 3.6 chapter preview prequel prologue super Mickey all star collection HD edition with the mike wazowski expansion pack that lets you play a demo of kingdom hearts 4.2 as mike wazowski with goofy’s brother and Winnie the Pooh super remastered HD edition so I can pre order the new kingdom hearts 3.8 toy story edition and I will buy the new kingdom hearts PlayStation where I can get the new character in final fantasy 23 called Johnny John and with johnny John I can buy the new dlc for kingdom hearts 3.9 where you have a new spot to find some ingredients so I can use those ingredients in my soup to give to mike wazowski so I can get his eye to give to super goofy and then I get the achievement so I 100% the game and when I 100% the game I can give the game to gamestop and say that i 100% the game so I can get kingdom hearts 4.6 for 10% off!
Soichiro Nagi
Ignis's fans love this game.
Dauri noor
This game broke my heart so hard, i became a heartless
dumbo: “no steaks”

me, a true fan: he literally died tho
i d o k n o w h u r t
MisAnthro Pony
This is seriously your worst video yet. The fact that you described Kingdom Hearts 3 as all flash and no substance shows that you payed no attention to it's mechanics or how it compared to other entries in the series. And even if this was done as a joke, it doesn't work because they're not funny. Most of the jokes in this episode are based on information that's factually incorrect.
4:14 "A heart can live anywhere. Even inside Data"

*cut to the Enterprise*

Data: "Huh?"
201 iq
I never new big yoshi could navigate a ship
D Bammstein
Nice to see this Autistic ass series getting roasted.
just a amateur
Replace the word darkness with bees, the game becomes a lot more interesting
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Mario Kart Wii : Hitler's Reign Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview) 2 months ago   04:26

Turn items off and race me on final destination fuckers.