Top 15 BEST Smartphones of 2019 (Under 10 UNIQUE GADGETS ON AMAZON ▶ SMART 1 day ago   10:03

You've heard about the Redmi K20 Pro, ASUS Zenfone 6, OnePlus 7, Samsung A70, Xiaomi Mi 9T and more...but which is my favourite?

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1. Correction for price of Pocophone F1 - £259, not £29 - Rendering glitch in Final Cut 😅
2. The European Equivalent for the Redmi K20 Pro would be the "Mi9T Pro", but this phone did not end up getting announced at their event. Turns out your best bet may be to import the Redmi K20 Pro if you want the best spec
I am still on samsung s7 with broken screen.. I think I dont need a good phone I need a good job or a nice birthday gift 😂
Mashiro Shiina
Please do a $100 below Phone
Shaun jackson
samung a70 phone i want a phone that can take a great photo because pictures are worth 1000 words, last long and won't fail on me when i use a simple app like uber or internet
Salmah Lem
Just give me one... Don't care the specs... Lol
Peachy Hadid
King Queen
Honor play left the chat :((
Jack Cooper
I'm gonna go for Xiaomi mi 9t pro ... when I get some money ofc lol... still using my s6 edge...
iqbal Asnan
How many phone do you have?
What a beast Video
youssef elshahawy
we need this video again pls but now with the new wave phones
wRd NbS
Nokia ?
N3XU5 _Gaming
Pocophine £29 bargain
Shady Sav
Nowadays it doesn't really matter what phone you get as long as it's acceptable you won't really noticed that much of a difference because everything comes down to features now
send god
Says under 500 dollars shows like 5 phones under 500 the shows phones over 999
Me:bruh u said under 500
Zane Thind
I mean I have the Samsung A20 now it only comes with 32gigs but with a 4000mph battery so yeah and 2 cameras
Zane Thind
I rather pay more for the new Asus Rog Phone instead of the Asus Zenfone 6
Zane Thind
My main complaint is ipjones triple camera design for the iPhone 11
LG's phones are okay but the software update is terrible. My son's older phone still receive security update while my LG is stuck.
Leg end
2:48 $299 / *£29*
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