Non-profit tax filings of vaccine opponent Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate 2 days ago   04:37

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The CDC reports there are now more than 10 times as many confirmed measles cases in 2019 as there were in the whole of 2010. The vast majority of infections are among unvaccinated people. Dr. Jon LaPook was at the New York Capitol Tuesday where protesters gathered to fight a bill to end religious exemptions for vaccines.

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Mary Hyson
Why is autism on the rise, what is the cause? Why are 54% of our children on medication? Why so many medical conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, on the increase? No answers?????
Tina Hansen
Interesting that CBS did not present any science on vaccine safety. So you can have an adverse reaction to any medication including antibiotics but not to a vaccine?? Interesting how CBS did not report over $4 Billion dollars was paid out for vaccine injury and death.
Tina Hansen
Interesting that CBS did not present any science on vaccine safety. So you can have an adverse reaction to any medication including antibiotics but not to a vaccine?? Interesting how CBS did not report over $4 Billion dollars was paid out for vaccine injury and death.
Daniela Ramallo
And now lets see the dollar amounts contributed by the pharmaceutical industry to various politicians to spread all this vaccine propaganda... and while we're at it how about the amount spent on advertising by big pharma at CBS (and every other major network).
I’m going to make sure to add a lot more money to this cause. Thanks CBS for letting us know how strong this non profit is... looks like my money will be well invested there.
Shame on all of u so called reporters. Tell lies and swear it to be truth. Bought by big pharma.
Kim Waldrop
Yeah your right, WE see it with your oen eyes,
luke torres
MSM is hemorrhaging credibility
Joyne Freedom
How to get anti-vaxxers to shut up: release the data!
Also: What the Institute of Medicine says:
Mark Benson
With big money we can buy the best politicians and science a matter of repeating history of mankind.
David Eldridge
We dont know what special interest group is finding Bigtree, but anyone who watched the evening news knows that this broadcast is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. It will take millions more to combat this pro-vaccine propaganda.
David Eldridge
Belief IS a powerful thing. Scared parent believe vaccines are safe and rely on corrupt organizations like the CDC to test them; but they do not! Do your research.
David Eldridge
The science is not complicated, vaccines don't work and they are certainly harmful...that is a fact!
David Eldridge
Check your facts. Vaccines did not reduce measles. Measles did that.
The science is not complicated! Vaccines are dangerous!
LMAO The Godfather of Vaccines (Stanley Plotkin) admitted there are no double blind placebo studies done! NONE! How can they be considered safe? The vaccine inserts state horrific side affects! Read them for yourself!
Justin Reilly
These condescending hosts who have obviously not read the science should practice what they preach- actually read the science, don’t spread CDC misinformation and don’t be condescending! Children’s health and lives are at stake. Shame on this doctor and the ignorant hosts.
jocelyn jones
There is nothing more unethical then injecting products into babies that you have no idea if they are safe. There is nothing more anti science than acting only on Assumption alone that your product is affective.

Anyone who makes the argument that we can’t do a study vaxxed vs. unvaccinated because it would be wrong to deny a benefit you only assume into existence is anti science and anti precautions.

You won’t do the study because you already know what the results will be. When was the sickest population of kids in us history POST Vaccines... There is your study!!! Stop lies now leave my kids and me alone
jocelyn jones
Just want to let you know cbs your hit piece is crap it won’t work too many victims of big pharma walking around Gail king has as much credibility as a snake in the grass kick rocks I don’t believe one word the cdc says or you!!!!!
If you can’t win the debate discredit the man. The science supports many questions about vaccines. Many people talk about the “ science” but have no idea what it actually is or have read any of it. They just trust on authority.....
Kathy Fausett
God bless you Mr. Kennedy for having the courage to tell the truth. Truth tellers have a long history of persecution, so I pray you and yours are able to avoid the money changers and bring some sanity to our broken country.
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Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate Non-profit tax filings of vaccine opponent 2 days ago   10:20

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The Doctors debate: As measles make a nationwide comeback, are parents who refuse to vaccinate their children contributing to the problem? Or are the vaccinations more dangerous than the disease itself? Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, shares the toll a vaccination allegedly took on her son Chris, who immediately after being vaccinated with a DPT shot suffered a convulsion, went into shock and lost consciousness. He was later diagnosed with brain damage and attention-deficit disorder.

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