How to Make an Awesome Wireless Charger $2.33 Wireless Charger. Is It Any Good? 9 months ago   05:47

How to Make an Awesome Wireless Charger for smartphones at Home - DIY

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Jed Rom
Where did you get the led light strip? And what voltage is it?
Michael Ambrose
Like video would like a list of materials/specs that would be needed
엥 마지막 한국어 당황 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

궁금한게 저렇게 다 풀로 붙여버리면 나중에 고장났을땐 어떻게하죠 떼서 고칠수도 없고 아까워서 ㅠ..
Yoyo Th
Hi what is the NAME of the electronic widget
widt width
so you made just a case for a shop bought wireless charger?
Name of the circuit board and components use in circuit.
Isaac Narkis
Is it real or fake. Please someone helpppp
Sagar bhardwaj
This can charge all mobile including Samsung also
blackpearl pearl1
loved it♥
Can it work for iPhone
I'd rather buy a cheap chinease 4 bucks wireless charger...
ms. will always love my life
Annoying background music.
Link to module?
Waqar Khan
where did u buy this board
Not exactly a tutorial.. awesome concept, but it’s no where close to explaining what you’re using, what chip you used, LEDs, how you’re doing it, etc. Title is misleading.

Tom Bedford
You and I have a very different opinion on the meaning of DIY! You built a lovely looking case.
Lim Pro
very kool
you're making a case for a charger, not the charger. dumb
ahmet abtiriciat
Most satisfying video
5:07 keep it clean buddy!
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$2.33 Wireless Charger. Is It Any Good? How to Make an Awesome Wireless Charger 9 months ago   06:05

Is a cheap $2.33 wireless charger from eBay or overseas any good? How does it compare to a more expensive, similar version? We will look at this in this video

eBay search for cheap wireless chargers:

Link to the charger in this video: