DJ Yella: All of NWA Knew Ice Cube Won With Ice Cube Doesn't Regret "No Vaseline" 2 days ago   18:39

djvlad - In this exclusive clip with DJ Yella, the founding member of NWA spoke about how the group dissolved after the second record, as well as Ice Cube's legendary diss track "No Vaseline."

When asked about how the group felt after Cube left, DJ Yella told us that it wasn't a regular topic of conversation, but he briefly acknowledged that the group's feelings at the time were made known on "Message to B.A.," short for Benedict Arnold. Their song later spawned Cube's diss "No Vaseline," which DJ Yella thought was "cool," despite being named on the track. He then added that all of NWA knew that Cube "got us on that one."

The conversation then turned to the group dissolving after their second album, "N****z4Life," was mixed, and DJ Yella made it clear that outside people broke up the group.

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The Professor
Yella is a really intelligent speaker.
Queen Maya
Yall opened the door for the east? Rap started in newyork
Respectfully speaking, I'd have to say that I personally prefer "Real Muthaphukkin G's" over "No Vaseline"... They're both great songs though, fo' sure...
I like how Yella made sure we all knew he had nothing to do with that 5150 shit that Eazy put out. That record was TERRIBLE!!! 14:43
Sergio Alcantara
Whys yella have such a pervy vibe to him 😂
DJ Vlad is a black man's kryptonite! You big dummies!!
CME Entertainment
No Vaseline is one of the greatest diss songs of all time
Rasteen Jackson
You didn't ride with who you came in the door with now look!!
Colm Lane
Yella look like a white guy with a heavy ass tan
David Lopez
I don't want to invest in Acorn . Fuck man get the memo! !!
zKlutch zKush
Him saying “him & Dre were the closest” just screams out Dre really did have something to do with Eazy death. In the interview bout eazy he was acting like he knew what happened but just didn’t wanna throw dre under the bus. I bet Dre took Eazy to a massage place and it went down there
ruben urango
Oxnard on the map
Robo Drill Films }JV Harvey
VLAD... Stay starting some shit man!😂😂😂
Joe Corley
It’s time for the world to learn about The D.O.C
Nicole Higgins
Dre closer to Eminem now
Nicole Higgins
Who wished Eminem made his music before e died
Bill Loman
Did you really title an almost 20 minute video based on a 1 minute (if that) conversation damn near in the middle of the video?
Vlad only wants the dirt. MF hates the positive stories
Ronald Reagan
Remember that vid when they were asked who was the leader of NWA and Yella said he was then E told him "SHUT THE FUXK UP" I could tell Yella a cool dude that just here to make money music and fuck bitches
Saran The Wrap God
NAWWW Eazy E woulda came back HARD if he didnt die of AIDS. Jk lol Eazy E was cookin dat diss track for 5 years xDD and died in 95 lol
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Ice Cube Doesn't Regret "No Vaseline" DJ Yella: All of NWA Knew Ice Cube Won With 2 days ago   04:10

Ice Cube talks about a new generation of fans, who know him only from movies, discovering his music for the first time and his classic solo album Death Certificate turning 25.
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Ice Cube Doesn't Regret "No Vaseline" Diss 25 Years After Death Certificate- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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