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Here's Why I'm Selling My Mclaren Mp4-12C | Here's Why The Mclaren 720S Spider - At Up-Tube.com

Here's Why I'm Selling My McLaren MP4-12C Here's Why The McLaren 720S Spider 2 days ago   12:47

Hoovies Garage

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Hoovies Garage
For those who don't know Drew, he has a pretty crazy survival story that I covered in the link below. I'm told by doctors that every new subscriber he gets helps his brain recover!
Reference Channel
First your stupidity is bigger than I thought. The MP4 is a good car. Of course the 650S corrected some of those things, but that car is good
Vincent James
"Here's why I'm selling my McLaren MP4-12C..." ...it's an unmitigated hunk of junk.
doesnt matter
I love the 12c. One of my favorite cars of all time. Love the styling
bustin yanutz
Who the hell picked that ugly ass interior spec
bill2526 bill2526
Hoovies making a very nice paycheck from YouTube he aint going broke all this crap for views...thats it.
Love your video’s but whats up with this stupid song everytime
That kid looks like had some fusion of his cervical vertebrae? the scar and the way he moves his body to look at you? hmmm, anyone know??
tyrone williams
My son sat in Ron Dennis mp4-12c at the mclaren mtc Woking, as we had the tour of a lifetime 👍
Keem O
Lambo .. your welcome :)
Cevair Zufer
The more expansive the less reliable!
greg hickmott
Waffle anyone, this guy takes forever to get to the point only for the viewer to discover there is no point.......................quickly changes channels.
Scott Lee
that was a bad traded bro
Making a living by buying junk! Crazy times!
Hasty One
Never feel sorry for a guy who owns a McLaren!
McLoser, the only car you'll trade for an old Lambo and get a more reliable car out of the deal! 🤣🤣🤣
Sebi Gordan
So, for how much did you sell it?
I 70 & I 80 is seriously boring for truck drivers running 65 mph.😴
Lewis Newell
You really are an idiot getting rid of that 12c for a old lambo
Hope you didnt pay to bring along that useless smiley fool with you, bad move using him for what ever reason you did, made your vid look tackier than usual.
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Here's Why The McLaren 720S Spider Here's Why I'm Selling My McLaren MP4-12C 2 days ago   23:17

GO READ MY COLUMN! http://autotradr.co/Oversteer


The McLaren 720S Spider is the best new McLaren. Today I'm reviewing the McLaren 720S to show you why it's so good -- and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the 720S, and I'm driving the 720S Spider to explain why it's so good.

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