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Silicon Valley Billionaires Created | How To Claim Free Land In America! - At Up-Tube.com

Silicon Valley billionaires created How To Claim FREE LAND In America! 5 months ago   03:32

Tech Insider
Silicon Valley is working on ways to change the way that we drive, eat, live, and now thanks to a new type of school, the way our children learn. The school is called AltSchool, and it's the brainchild of a former Google executive, Max Ventilla. The school merges traditional education with the type of high-tech learning that you would expect from Silicon Valley. AltSchool has even funded itself like a startup, raising $170 million from investors like Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund.

Following is a transcript of the video:

I’m Max Ventilla, I’m the founder and CEO of AltSchool. I had been at Google and left to start a company called Aardvark that they acquired in early 2010. And at the same time my daughter was 2 years old and we were in the thick of thinking about preschool. My daughter is such a different person than I am and the world that she's going to grow up in is so different than the world that I grew up in. That future is going to demand of her this ability to kind of constantly make her own path instead of, you know following a roadmap that’s given to her. And her education needs to prepare her for that.

It is really hard to run a bad school, let alone a great school. And so to kind of manage that complexity, to manage that challenge, traditional schools have to simplify and they do that through making a number of assumptions. Like, the future is largely similar to the past or 10 year olds are pretty much the same. None of those assumptions turn out to be true. You know in AltSchool if you look at “What are the objectives that 10-year-olds are pursuing,” the vast majority of them are not 10-year-old objectives. There are things that an 11-year-old, or 12-year-old, or 13-year-old would be expected to work on and in other areas maybe they're behind and you know they're working at a 9-year-old or a 8-year-old level in some domain.

Personalizing education is pretty easy to do on a screen. The problem is now kids are on a screen which is in many ways the last thing that you want. So the challenge for us is, how do you personalize education off of a screen?

A pillar of AltSchool and any school is assessment and assessment needs to be accurate, it needs to be actual, and it needs to be non-invasive. And that's hard. How do you get a signal about what kids are learning and what they know and what they don't know? You know, not just once a week but once a day, once an hour, once a minute. And again that's where technology can come in. You can allow kids to kind of naturally learn in an emergent way and you can give tools to teachers so that they can document in real time.

We believe a generation from now, the best education can be the one that the most kids get, rather than the fewest kids get. That education will be intensely personal, it will be intensely offline, but it will tie back to a digital representation of what's happening. So you'll be able to use technology to be much more flexible, to be much more coordinated, to be much more rigorous, and allow an experience that, you know, in many ways looks totally un-technical.

If you believe that to really be part of a solution, for you know, a very different education in the future versus now, you need to bring technology and great traditional education together.

Kids are different. Even two 10 year old twins are different and we need to be able to meet each child where they are in terms of, not only how has their academic and non-academic learning progressed to that point but what interests them what motivates them what frustrates them and we are nowhere near the level of personalization that we aim to be.

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The funny thing is that Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, etc all send their kids to a school with no computers or technology and its founded on the esoterical philosophy of Rudolf Steiner who said that we have a connection to nature and the spiritual world.
Milan Tique
Ooo that’s bad for their posture. Trust me, teach pasture at an early age. Also I don’t think this is a good idea. It sounds like you are conditioning kids instead of teaching them
SaL Razo
A teacher, arithmetic, + technology will create the next generations to come, it’s not solely based on technology, that will only make students dependent on the technology rather than using brains & technology, there needs to be a balance with old school teachers and arithmetic + technology
Itz_alice_ Chan
This is the school for me :)
mel saint
It's like Montessori? Well, when your daughter grows old she turns out to be Katy Perry.
Tryhard kid @3:01
Kenneth Mckay
The cameras aren’t for security they are for analyzing the lab rats. If you have money to burn get private tutoring for you children. Have have them join sport martial arts music or artistic cubs if you worried about them not being around children their age.
Quick summary(also what I’ve been and other highly intelligent individuals have been preaching about): *GET RID F COMMON CORE EDUCATION*

500+ IQ to prove point
Amartya Basu
They'll never have those bloody fights we had in junior school.. I once stabbed a sharp pencil through a boy's palm to stop him punching me and leaving him bleeding.... No competition for higher grades(best part)... No disappointment(it's great now but will backfire later).... They'll be run over in the real world
Camila Marden
Studies have proven the you don’t learn as well with technology because your brain doesn’t remember the information that is given on the screen. This means that this programs isn’t helping them succeed.
Avantt 007
Good intentions but if they're serious about their mission in offering a new, better way of learning for the new generation then it should be modeled after a public school system (not perfect in any regard) where it can be offered for free because if they cant then it's just another business.

Silicon Valley thinks they have a tech solution for everything sometimes. Only message here is if you want a "better" solution, you need to pay for it.
Darby Mortenson
KOTH predicted this stark reality in their "Pro-Pain" episode.
12squared Network
I’ve heard that recall and comprehension levels drop when studying from a screen as opposed to printed words. Something about the refresh rate of panels and the brain not concentrating as much
Alex Lu
Lil Tay has an objective of a 20 year old
Marco Lo
that eyebrow tho
Political Status
This is something that should never be supported. AltSchool is the definition of failure. "Traditional" education was designed for the 1800s to meet the demand of a labor force in factories. Today's world needs a new education system that doesn't have anything to do with "Traditional", it needs to be modernized with technology such as Computers. You need to replace the role of a teacher with that of an administrator / mentor and then let an Artificial Intelligence personalize a teaching system for each child based on them, not your "beliefs" of what the right standard is. Khan Academy is a great example of this, but they need to do more.
Olivia Smitherman
I love this I've been thinking about this forever, I hate school. I work faster and slower in different subjects and don't learn from teachers but from reading and self teaching so it sucks. This type of education needs to be wide spread
crooked skull, crooked teeth and dumb looking. his face asks for a punch
simeon jones
Guessing their calligraphy looks like jack since all they use are laptops.
So they learn to be surveilled from early on.
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