2000 NAPA 500 - 2/2 2000 NASCAR Busch Series 6 months ago   1:32:40

the second half of the season-ending 2000 atlanta 500.

espn montage at the end can be found on dailymotion. check it here → http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlkraq_espn-farewell_auto

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Redneck Hippie
earnhardt |£+ nadeau win
Dana Long
In 2000, Jerry Nadeau won the final race in NASCAR on ESPN's first stint and Kevin Harvick won the final race in NASCAR on ESPN's second stint! At the end of NASCAR on ESPN on the WatchESPN app, Nicole Briscoe (with daughter Finley beside her) delivered a heartwarming farewell to NASCAR on ESPN. What a way for NASCAR on ESPN to go out! Nowadays, Briscoe does SportsCenter, usually partnering with her good friend Lisa Kerney.
Dana Long
1:30:07-1:30:26, Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett parting ways with NASCAR on ESPN.
Dana Long
1:24:57-1:25:12, "Back in March of '81, Darrell Waltrip took the checkered flag to win the very first race we televised on ESPN and in November of 2000... JERRY NADEAU WINS THE FINAL RACE ON ESPN!!!"-Bob Jenkins.
Dana Long
"Without you, there would've been no magic."-Bob Jenkins.
Dana Long
Nicole Briscoe, Amy East-Cook, Jamie Little, Shannon Spake, Wendy Venturini, Danielle Trotta, Kaitlyn Vince, Kelli Stavast, Krista Voda and Danica Patrick: NASCAR's favorite angels!
Randall Dubin
You can also see the montage on YT here:

2000 Napa 500 Closing-ESPN says goodbye to NASCAR coverage

You're Welcome. :-)
1:30:17 Bob tearing up

miss these guys
Whoopity Doo
ESPN on NASCAR now is absolute shit. Don't even compare the two eras. They're nothing alike.
Jerry Nadeau, then a young, up-and-coming driver with his first win, as The Good Doc said. Almost won the race again the next year, should've won Sonoma driving for Petty in 2002, then a crash that ended his career. What a shame.
Brian Schaffer
dang how epic this race was....DW's last, Earnhardt's last FULL race before you know what, last race on ESPN for 7 years.
Unreal, I was in 5th grade on a monday for this race, and im glad i was...i dont think I could have taken all this in if i saw this...DW's final race, Dale's final full season (and final race he finished), and the old espn's final race...and both my favorite drivers at the time got to battle it out, Ward and Jerry... the night before I predicted Nadeau would win and when my mom picked me up from school on Monday she had the biggest smile on her face saying "you were right!"...damn
I have this race on vhs without commentary
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2000 NASCAR Busch Series 2000 NAPA 500 - 2/2 6 months ago   2:01:01

The final race of 2000 at Homestead and what should have been Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin's final BGN races. Ricky Hendrick was running a team car to Jeff with GMAC as the sponsor and #14. For more interesting facts check out the race page at Racing Reference and read the comments section.