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14 Exclusive Riddles That'll Test | कुशल पहेलियाँ ( Season 2 Part - At Up-Tube.com

14 Exclusive Riddles That'll Test कुशल पहेलियाँ ( Season 2 Part 1 year ago   13:26

7-Second Riddles
Test your logic and intuition with a set of 14 exclusive riddles! Tricky riddles and brain games are great for improving your logical skills. If you can't concentrate and feel exhausted all the time try to solve different riddles at least for 20 minutes a day and you will notice some changes in your critical thinking and logical thinking abilities!

00:14 - Who is the killer? Why did they arrest him? A great crime riddle to test your deduction skills and boost your thinking process! This cool mystery riddle will help you learn to pay attention to details, as it turns out details are important!
01:53 - A set of hard-level picture puzzles only an advanced solver will be able to crack. Are you smart and brave enough to give it a try? Focus your mind and use 200% of your logic to succeed!
03:07 - This short logic riddle will make you rack your brain hard because only a person with IQ 100+ will be able to solve it! To be honest, I had no idea of what the answer can be when was trying to solve it🤔
04:02 - A thrilling and heart-breaking crime riddle that will melt your hard but sharpen your mind. You will have to use 100% of your logiс and imagination to make sense of what's happened. If you success to do this, I will say you're a genius!
05:07 - Test your eyes with this short riddle on crime! Only a high-class specialist will be able to find the boys before time's up. Look closely at the parents and try to find a child who resembles both of them. Yes, this is not easy at all, so don't worry if you fail the task (just like I did).
06:28 - A tricky picture puzzle that will help you learn how to identify the affair (I hope you won't need it). People always make these small mistakes an attentive person can catch and find out who they have an affair with. Are you smart enough to find the mistress in each riddle?
07:38 - A blood-freezing crime riddle for the cold-minded detectives out there! Use all your logic and critical thinking skills to find the real killer!
09:02 - This mysterious riddle will wow your brain and make you puzzle over really hard. Don't brush aside even the craziest idea! Maybe it is the correct answer indeed🐺😉
10:02 - A fun but difficult riddle that will boost your logic and increase your brain power! You will have to strain your eyes and check all the stories if you want to crack this case. Have you already found the answer?
11:05 - How good is your intuition? (If you have one, I think I don't have at all!). This fun quiz will light up your mood and these easy riddles might make you believe or accept that "luck" actually exists and sometimes there is no way to make the right decision, but to guess 😅
TELL me IN THE COMMENTS if you believe in luck or not! Also, tell me whether you passed this fun quiz or not.

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कुशल पहेलियाँ ( Season 2 Part 14 Exclusive Riddles That'll Test 1 year ago   10:03

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