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Check out the development of "Country Cuties" from practice to performance in this Dance Digest from Season 3, Episode 40, "Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't". #DanceMoms
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.

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Vanita Sharma
Ugh huguughkhkhhji tyytttttttttttfttrfttttftyyyyyjjuuyyhh9@z. K. I kind I I lm I ij8
Paltrygirl plays
Omg Mackenzie is like so bad because she couldn’t walk on her hands for 48 steps ugh get a grip Abby
Ziya Dell
Nia looked super pretty! 😘🤗
Mya Mckenzie
being too harsh on them
Abby went to jail. And all the kids look soo much older 😭😭
Tirenioluwa Odusanya
mathias jennings
Happiness and a qyoytonb
Tanya huber`
i like every
R Sutherland
Chloe is the real cutie in this dance I love her she is the best like if u agree and are watching in November 2018
Gabby and NeNe
"I haven't been screamed at today I'm feeling a little empty inside"

Lilly Viverette
What does digest mean ? Anyone answer please
Avacodo 101
Abbie should not be mad at Mackenzie she is really young and talented and Abbie could not do any better
Why does Abby ALWAYS blame the person that fails even though it wasn’t their fault?
Maja Ventura
Abby is mean, and how did she become fat?
No me puedo
No me puedo
Jonda Black
I need to finda dance studio to go to what about yours
Susie Woo
Your mean Abby
hailey hodson
Um i dont like ashas mom
Pigs Rule
Did anyone else notice at 0:40 Asia put her hand down in the Ariel
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