Dance Moms: Dance Digest Dance Moms - The Last Dance 2 months ago   05:03

Check out the development of "Country Cuties" from practice to performance in this Dance Digest from Season 3, Episode 40, "Do-Si-Do and Do-Si-Don't". #DanceMoms
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.

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Comments 1982 Comments

Ann Mairi
She can’t she’s fat and over weight and need a doctor
nothin ;-; nothin ;-;
Aw :c
Angela West
I bet Abby lee fell dumb when she was younger
All that Jazz
At my dance school I do difhgv dives
Bryan Hague
The first word Abby’s gonna yell at me now
miguel orellana
and jojo siwa 🤔
Luna Lepever
Abby if you can do it so good why don't you walk on you're hands over 7 girls in the front of 10 000 people's faces 🙄🤔
MiguelRios Rios
Why are you being so harsh on the girls abby like dang
It’s sad every time they make a mistake they know Abby will yell at me because she yells TO MUCH
Jesus Oropeza
They look so cute 😍😍😍😍
Ella Du Toit
You are so rude Abby.Are you blind or something?These girls are trying their best and all you do is yell at them when their trying so hard.Why don't you get up there a and dance.I bet you won't be as good as any of them
Aureys_kawaii Pandas
Abby I wanna see you struggle to try and do this kinda stuff
Likywa Gcilitshana
Miso Ntleki Love you 👍👍👍👍😚👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😚😚😚😚👍👍👍
Jade Redmond
I love Christie I haven’t been yelled at today I feel kind of empty
mmyoulying ._.
What??? McKenzie's part was so hard; she should be proud
Lela Loudd
Ain’t no company that good to where I’d let that woman yell at my child like that
Claire Avens
try to do the whole routine yourself, Abby 😏
Ebony Simmonds
Shawnna Lovato
If you're attitude drops then you will have a clean dance rotten
Crystal Cortez
What is Kenzie talking about Abby yells at everybody wym ?
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Dance Moms - The Last Dance Dance Moms: Dance Digest 2 months ago   02:42

Teen Group Dance from Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 24

2nd in Teen Division, Did Not Place Overall

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